How to accomplish a Customer Service Culture

cultura de servicio al cliente

Customer Service CultureEvery business has customers, but not every business focuses on its customers. Do you see the difference? A customer service culture centers company’s efforts around their customers. This means that every single department participates to guarantee that customers receive the best experience and service all the time. 




Even the departments that are not directly related to customers get involved proactively to ensure outstanding service. 

Building a customer service culture for your company is more important than you think. Every company is different, from the type of product or service they sell, to the message you want to transmit, and the way that message is delivered.  That’s why instead of copying another business customer service culture you should focus on building your own. 

Taking the time to build this culture is the right way of doing it. 

Who better than you, your employees, and of course your customers to help you build your company customer service culture? 

Both customers and employees love feeling noticed. For your employees, this works because they need to feel part of something with a purpose. Giving them the chance to participate in the creation of your company customer service culture is a great way of doing that. 

For your customers this is about making them feel special and rewarded. One of the best things that can happen to your company is being recognized for its outstanding customer service. This only can be accomplished with a customer service culture. 


What happens inside your company is a reflection of the customer service you’re providing. 

Good or bad service only depends on your company and the existing or missing customer service culture. This culture is about doing what is right for the customers, and this depends on the type of product or service you’re selling. For example if you sell food you probably want to provide cleanliness, if you sell a service you want to provide quickness. Whatever the case you need to do what’s better for your customers. 

We previously said this but customers can make you or break you. Sometimes it only takes a “small” mistake for that, and many times it doesn’t have to do with your product being defective or something similar at all. 

Remember that you’re selling more than a product, you’re selling a whole experience. 


customer service culture


Your product can be the best in the market, but if it doesn’t come with great service your customers will leave. Now you know why you need a customer service culture?



Keeping customers happy is the best way of securing your sales all year long. 


Did you know that a happy customer will recommend your company to a few friends, but an angry customer won’t rest until everyone hears about your bad service? 

If you want your customer service culture to work, you need every part of your business involved. This starts with the CEO and goes all the way to the interns, and new employees. 

Still not sure about how to build a customer service culture? Check these guidelines.

Make sure everyone is fully onboard

 Whatever if you’re going to start building your company’s customer service culture or you already have one, you need to make sure that all your employees know about it and have the proper training. Everyone must go through basic customer service training, so they can fully understand your company’s vision of good service and also for getting familiar with what it is like dealing with customers. Remember that all the parts of your company need to work together in order to deliver a good service. 

Create a friendly environment with constant feedback

Mistakes and failures will happen, but the important thing is how your company recovers from that. Your employees need to feel empowered enough, so they can give their best. When you celebrate their successes and encourage them to keep going when they fail, you’re setting a friendly environment that will show many benefits. Providing constant feedback is another great way of keeping your team motivated. Hearing what they have to stay, noticing their suggestions and recognizing the accomplishments will lead your employees to help you build the best customer service culture.  

Define your customer service culture and make it simple 

Your customer service culture should be easy but effective. No one likes complicated statements. Just make sure of putting customers at the forefront of your business goals, organization and vision. For your customer service culture to be sustainable you need to make it the way of life of your company,  so don’t try to be someone else. Your company is unique, your employees are unique. Therebefore your customer service culture is unique as well. Find the one thing that makes your business completely different and use it. 

To make sure that your customer service culture is aligned to customer expectations, you need to adopt IT technologies and find new solutions to delight your customers. Luckily technology allows us to improve customer experience in many ways, but also helps us provide support in an easier, better and quickest way. 

With Freshdesk your customer service culture will automatically improve

For example, collaboration between different teams may sound hard to accomplish, but counting with a tool like Freshdesk that has its own collaboration feature is the best solution for inter-team integration.

Freshconnect is the feature that will help teams within their workplace and also external partners work together to resolve customer queries. As its name implies, Freshconnect is in charge of keeping everyone involved connected and in tune.

Customer Service Culture


Freshdesk allow your team consistently create the quality of customer service you want to provide, helping you build your own customer service culture.  Its powerful suite of features built into an intuitive UI, so your agents can sign in and start resolving customer issues right away.




Your team can even personalize customer conversations based on contextual information from your CRM, marketing software, e-commerce platforms, and chat tools. You can also build your own apps with the Freshdesk Developer Platform and customize the helpdesk to fit your needs.

Besides all this, Freshdesk makes customer service culture fun. Gamifying the entire support process will create a healthy competition between your customer service agents and gives them the motivation to serve your customers better.

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