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You have probably heard that to succeed in today’s market, your company must have solid and fluid organizational communication. But what can you do to achieve it? That’s the real challenge.  

 No matter what tool you use, it can be tricky to take the first steps to repair information silos. With so many different channels and systems, it’s difficult to decide which ones fit your team’s needs.   

 Fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to improve communication within your company and interactions with your customers. In this article, we’ll discuss these strategies, so your employees can easily collaborate and increase their productivity.   

 Why is it important to have good organizational communication?  

Creates a working community with similar goals  

Organizational culture is a vital element to align the tasks of all the members of a team. Since, if your company doesn’t define values, mission, objectives, and a business philosophy, it could be very difficult to promote collaborative work to achieve a goal.  

By creating a common awareness, and effectively communicating the value of each of the activities, workers will be able to strive to achieve the defined goals.  

 Increases productivity  

If workers and leaders are not clear about the operational organization of a company, they will not be able to identify the relevance of their jobs. Therefore, they will begin to perform activities that do not correspond to them, thus interfering the company’s operations.  

With clear, open, and effective communication, it is easier to create a sense of transparency. As a result, your collaborators will know what functions they must perform and their role in the production chain.   

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 Facilitates problem-solving 

By identifying your company’s departments, rules, and codes, workers will use work methods to solve their problems. Additionally, this will help them overcome obstacles in an expected way and without affecting other departments.  

For this reason, organizational communication allows different teams to work together to achieve unique and comprehensive solutions. Likewise, it also allows employees to support each other to overcome their obstacles.      

Improves the company’s image  

Although the internal organizational communication of companies is vital for their operability, this is also reflected in external interactions. Which is fundamental to create a good brand image.  

If companies can effectively communicate their message to employees and customers, they will be attracted to their products or services. As a result, they will feel identified with the values and culture of the organization.   

 Tips to improve organizational communication  

1. Identify the obstacles in organizational communication 

Communication in a business environment must face several obstacles, that are difficult to identify at first sight. Hence, you must analyze the conditions where these problems have occurred to find the causes and eradicate them.   

Using inadequate channels, complex language, and not having an onboarding program for new talent are some of the factors that can cause disinterest or isolation in workers.   

To avoid this problem, the Human Resources department must constantly monitor the perception of the company’s members. They should also test the communication channels to know if the information is being well received by employees.   

2. Promote receptivity 

A wide variety of relationships coexist in work teams. Although most of them are horizontal, you can still find vertical relationships that can put employees at a disadvantage with their leaders.  

By promoting new channels of communication for your company’s managers, you can easily gain insight into how employees experience their work life. This also creates a safe space to provide constructive criticism or express dissatisfaction. Thus, this can generate new learning and establish more humane workspaces.   

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In these cases, we recommend creating a comments and suggestions mailbox or planning chat sessions between the members of the team. Hence, teamwork will be better and it will be easier for you to detect errors and implement mechanisms to avoid them.   

3. Train your human talent 

To adapt to the market demands, companies must constantly modify their objectives and strategies. Thus, it’s likely that you will have to change on the fly the members of your team and the digital tools you work with.   

You can help your employees adapt to these changes by creating a knowledge base. In this space your employees can learn how to use new technological solutions and skills that facilitate their daily tasks.  

4. Keep your team informed 

One of the functions of the Human Resources department is to keep workers informed about changes in the company. This department is also in charge of notifying the team when there are modifications in the values that define the company’s culture or in the work groups.  

To streamline this process, you can create a blog to share with your team every time a new talent is incorporated or the creation of new departments. Similarly, you can use this channel to communicate with your team when you restructure the work areas or budgets. As a result, you’ll be sure that all your collaborators manage the same information.

5. Take advantage of marketing tools

Brands are constantly subjected to fierce competition with other companies. For that reason, communicating your culture, vision, and work methods, is a great way to engage audiences with similar objectives.  

Ask your marketing team to find the most effective methods of communicating with your customers. Likewise, we recommend using social media platforms to better transmit your message and reach larger audiences.   

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Likewise, you must be consistent with your company’s culture and organization. With the result that you develop consumer confidence in your products and the values of your business. 

6. Implement new technologies to improve organizational communication 

In recent years, companies have expressed their need to use digital technologies to improve their processes. In this case, organizational communication is not an exception. Therefore, businesses must be prepared to implement innovative resources to help companies empower their employees and facilitate collaboration between teams.   

This subject became more important during the 2020 and 2021 health contingencies. Since quarantines and confinements forced both businesses and consumers to interact almost exclusively online.   

One way to improve this process is by using help desk software. With this tool, you will be able to communicate effectively with your employees and improve the transparency of your organization. As a result, you’ll create a more productive and cohesive company culture.   

If you want to implement this tool in your company, Freshdesk is an excellent option. This solution has features that will help you manage users’ requests and your company communications. In addition, it integrates with your social networks so you can easily interact with your customers and clarify their doubts.   

At GB Advisors, we can help you integrate this and other technological solutions to automate your processes and boost sales. Additionally, we offer personalized attention with the installation and configuration of any software.     

You will also receive advice from our group of experts, who will guide you step by step so that these tools work correctly and help you achieve your goals.     

Contact us and get a free consultation. 

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