5 Tips for a Successful Help Desk Software Implementation4 min read

IT team using a help desk software

In a world where time is a challenge, companies must ensure to use a help desk software that meets users’ expectations and simplifies the job of the IT team. 

This tool is a cornerstone to efficiently handle customer requests, as it will help agents provide a technical service without interruptions and improve service quality. 

In this article, you will learn the benefits of using this technological solution and we will give you some tips that will help you implement a help desk software successfully.

What are the advantages of implementing a help desk software?  

Reduce response time: Using templates and automation tools, you can save time resolving user’s requests. It will also help you distinguish which cases have higher priority, serve them quickly and improve the customer experience.  

Increase your team’s productivity: This system helps you sort through requests to deliver customers a better service. You can also organize tickets according to a category or subject, date, assigned area, expiration, customer name, and much more.  

Provide continuous technical support: Although the response times of a help desk may vary, with this system you can configure chatbots to offer technical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

Agent using a help desk software

Improve customer satisfaction: You will be able to evaluate every interaction you have with your users to measure the performance indicators of your team. This will allow you to identify opportunities for improvement and which processes you need to automate.    

Tips for a successful help desk software implementation:

1. Develop an implementation plan: 

Firstly you need to make a strategy. That makes it easier for users to make this transition. Here are some key details to keep in mind:

Create a team of stakeholders: Form a team with staff from all departments that will use the system to participate in the early stages of the project and the purchasing process. These people will also be in charge of carrying out tests during the implementation phase and documenting possible failures.  

Communicate the scope of the project: Before starting the implementation, communicate the vision and objectives of the project to your team. This way, they will understand better the reason why this change is being made, and they will commit to making it successful.  

Determine the program settings: In this step, you should interview the IT staff to obtain valuable information that will help you set up the help desk software. Here are some important questions to consider:   

  • Do you need to migrate a knowledge base?  
  • Are there integrations that need to be replicated?  
  • How should the data be migrated?  
  • Do you want to keep information from a previous system or do you need to start from scratch?  

Create a workflow in the new software: Establish routines and automations to satisfy the needs of your IT team. You can also create a template to speed up the submission of requests and register the most frequent problems in the system, so agents will have a database to consult. 

2. Train agents: 

Conduct training with the IT team, so they can take full advantage of the new help desk software. You can schedule online classes, face-to-face classes, or use the “train-the-trainer” dynamic. This way the agents can understand better the functions of the new tool.  

3. Define your goals and KPIs: 

Most help desk software has reports and metrics. This information will let you know where your IT team stands out and the processes they need to improve.

IT technician talking with a user

Therefore, analyzing this information regularly can help you automate processes and efficiently coordinate the efforts of your agents.

4. Establish the SLAs: 

Service level agreements (or SLAs) are the time limits established between a company and users that must be followed in order to respond and resolve a request. These rules certainly specify the priority of each ticket and determine how quickly each requirement will be solved. 

By designating a response time for each priority level, your team can estimate how long will take them to respond to each ticket. It will also help you increase the efficiency of your agents, and create a better experience for customers.  

5. Perform integrations to enhance system functions: 

After completing the installation of the new help desk software, you can make integrations to automate the department’s processes. For example, if your company uses a system to manage their assets, you can connect both programs. Thus when a user opens a ticket, all their information will be automatically included.

Are you ready to implement your new help desk software?  

Currently, there are many solutions you can use to manage your IT team’s requests. However, Freshdesk stands out for offering a simple platform, which adapts to the needs of your business.  

This Freshworks solution also offers you a knowledge base. Which you can consult to take full advantage of the system functions, and online courses that will help you accelerate the personal growth of your agents.   

Help desk team working

At GB Advisors, we can help you integrate these and other technological solutions to automate your business processes and improve the quality of your service. We offer you personalized attention with the installation and configuration of any software.   

You will also receive advice from our group of experts, who will guide you step by step so that you can carry out a successful installation.   

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