Customer service: Social media integration with Help Desk

Why Social Media Integration With Your Help Desk Is So Great For Your Customer Service

social media integration with your help desk
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Currently, millions of users are connected to the social networks. Through them, they openly discuss positive and negative aspects of any subject. One of those subjects could be the quality of your organization’s customer service!

People are always ready to write comments on their social timelines, and it is likely that customers will use your company’s Twitter or Facebook accounts to make support request, either publicly or privately. They expect to receive a quick response to their complaint. In fact they expect your company to be always connected, reading the hundreds of messages that can be easily generated in each one of the social networks.  Sadly, about 60% of the companies do no respond to their customers through the social networks, even when questions are posted as direct messages, either in Facebook or in Twitter.

Beware! Unattended complaints could have an enormous impact on your company´s credibility or services. A series of negative publications in your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or indeed just being shared around in the networks, could damage your reputation and reduce your customers’ trust. The worst part is that your company could not be aware of those messages even after they have caused damage!

It has been proven that customers prefer to do business with a company that pays attention and responds well to the social media.  For this reason, we must take advantage of these media and incorporate them into our customer and support services. We can achieve this by integrating our Help Desk software with the Social Networks, working jointly leveraging the advantages of each medium.


What does it means to integrate your Customer Support system with your corporate Facebook page or your Twitter profile?

mobile social imageIt means that you create a “Social Help Desk”, or a Social Support System.

We can integrate our Customer Support System with our Facebook account– Foremost is to understand that our Facebook page will permit a strong interaction between the company and our followers, fostering individualized interaction with our target audience, and where all can participate, contribute and share.

So what if this sort of interaction could be an integral part of our Help Desk It so happens that this is now possible, and that the advantages that we can get from this integration exceeds our imagination. For example:

  • Our customers or users can present their problems through their Facebook directly to our profile, from any place or device, and they can automatically reach our Help Desk.
  • Direct Messages received in our account may become entries in our Social Assistance System, or turned into Help Desk tickets.
  • We can respond directly to the messages received via Facebook as the tickets are assigned.
  • Every answer generated by our Help Desk can be transformed automatically into Facebook messages, and simultaneously be part of our Social Assistance System.
  • We can provide follow up and timely communications through our Social Assistance System, and also offer our customers the direct, personalized support experience that they expect.

And what can we achieve by integrating our Social Assistance System with Twitter?- We’re talking about one of the largest and fastest Social Networks of the last few years, with over 320 million active users. We know that Twitter focuses on the promotion of contents through viral distribution. We may have thousands of known or unknown followers, and that number can easily increase.

For that reason, our answers will be known not only to those who consult with us, but they can also indirectly reach and help a lot of other people. We need to take this in consideration and capitalize this fact to our advantage!

social media integrationsAdditionally, we can enjoy all these advantages:

  • By integrating our User Support System with Twitter we can help centralize and streamline the support process in a social fashion.
  • We can monitor all mentions of our organization or products in real time
  • We can promote that our customers present their problems in a concrete manner, through short, 140-character messages.
  • We have the ability to convert tweets and direct messages (DM) into support tickets.
  • We can promote the collaboration of other users and/or members of our support team for the resolution of issues.
  • We encourage the participation of customers, and provide follow up, through a Social Assistance System, which is centralized, agile, easy, and accessible to anyone with a device connected to the Internet.
  • We can invite our satisfied customer to become champions on behalf of our brand and services.

Finally, we can’t forget the other Social Networks, such as Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. We need to be where our customers are. Everything helps, when the goal is to be the best!



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