Improving ITIL audit results throuhg your Service Desk Software

How to leverage your service desk software to improve your ITIL process audit results

audit processIf we think of ITIL as a set of best practices to identify, locate, prevent and solve problems in your IT environment, we can understand how important it is to improve the results at the time of auditing all those processes. But, what can we do to achieve such an improvement?

Always start with what’s easiest! – You need to start by understanding your users and their requirements, and implement at least one or two growth processes that help reduce recurring problems, such as those that crop up when processing support calls or email. For that you implement an incident management process, including a follow up methodology that allows you to keep track of what happens day to day, client to client. You need a service desk software that grows with your organization.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! – Take advantage of the applications that already exist, which represent savings in time and money. There are very good solutions in the market that offer preconfigured packages of containers, forms, fields, workflows, rules and quick templates, based in the ITIL methodology, and which can be used as a starting point to carry forward the IT Service Management business processes.

automationTake advantage of the possibilities to rely on a variety of options and development guides – Implement technological solutions that offer, in addition to a set of preconfigured templates, the possibility of adding additional containers, rules and workflow from a series of libraries. To include as as many elements as required to satisfy the needs within the ITIL process management. It is also important that custom reports can be generated in real time by users or groups, configurable to suit a wide variety of requirements

Customization is the key! – Each one of your users has different requirements. Why then offer a single portal or service dashboard to handle all your users’ requirements, when you can choose service desk software that allows you to create as many custom portals and dashboards as necessary, and offer only the information and features required by each group?
It is preferable to design a uniquely relevant experience so that, at the moment when an incident occurs, service can be restored quickly and effectively.

Real time problem solving. – Don’t wait for incidents in the ITIL processes to affect the quality and profitability of your organization’s services. Nowadays there are many powerful platforms available that guarantee much more than the automation of the ITIL processes.
There are complete packages that offer the visibility and control needed to continuously improve service delivery and IT Asset Management. With them you can quickly detect which systems or services are being impacted by a problem or failure, and take immediate steps to correct the problem, thus minimizing need for users to report an issue.

This is the most effective way to improve the results of an ITIL process audit to an organization. It also enables you to increase the efficiency and productivity of services, control costs, and reduce the vulnerabilities of the information technologies, which results in reduced risks for the whole organization.

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