3 Advantages of adopting an ITIL based Service Desk on Cloud

ITIL based Service Desk on CloudAdopting an ITIL based Service Desk on Cloud

ITIL is the best known framework for IT operations and service management Best Practices. Moreover, an ITIL based Service Desk on the Cloud is now relevant as the ultimate solution for enterprises of all sizes.

But why is a cloud based ITIL service desk so powerful?
Today, we share three great advantages of adopting ITIL-based Service Desk technology on a Cloud platform.



1- IT MANAGES CHAOS IN A GREAT WAY – An ITIL based solution on the cloud helps you proactively proactively identify and resolve problems before they affect the service and business in general, without having to invest on additional infrastructure to support the solution itself. With an ITIL framework powering the IT service platform, issues and their root causes can be handled in an optimal way, bringing method and order where chaos used to reign.


2- MANAGE A CMDB - Also known as Configuration Management Database, this component can contain all the details about employees, workstations, problems, changes, incidents, devices and even business relationships in a powerful database. Even though it is hosted in the cloud, it can contain every bit of relevant information about your network and organization, providing a private knowledge base which your Support staff can use to produce detailed risk analysis reports in the blink of an eye.


ITIL based Service Desk on Cloud3- SCALABLE SOLUTIONS THAT ADAPT TO CHANGES - We are not talking only about changes in regards to the size of the agency, but also the changes to any service or element that can impact your TI services, and which an ITIL based service desk on the cloud can handle very well. For example, if a change is initiated to replace the old faulty server with a new one, the technology is capable of helping you implement that change in a safe way, assessing risks, implementing safely, and verifying the results afterward.

In the physical sense the service desk on the cloud is scalable simply because of the wonderful premise of cloud technology - the fact that it doesn't require you to provide any any space or infrastructure, no matter how much your organization grows.

In the end, ITIL adds value to a growing organization because it helps it to expand its IT environment while minimizing risks and struggles to maintain high-quality, uninterrupted IT services to users. It can also help the IT support staff to control the IT environment and provides a cost saving approach while maintaining the highest possible levels of compliance.

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