I. Scope of SSI Services

Software Service Insurance (SSI) is a software protection designed to provide remote support, consulting and advisory services solely and exclusively for the insured software.

II. Services provided

The Client must request the attention of "Cases" (through the creation of service tickets) issued for each requirement within any of the following categories of services:

  • Knowledge transfer.
  • Creation of reports.
  • New configurations.
  • Modifying existing configurations
  • Software management support.
  • Consulting and strategy in the use of software.

III. Attention Channels

SSI Cases (Service Tickets) must be requested by The Client through one of the following options:

Country Phone Number
Argentina +54 (115) 168-6090
Brasil +55 (114) 950-5606
Canadá +1 (647) 490-1724
Chile +56 (22) 573-9485
Colombia +57 (1) 328-9140
República Dominicana +1 (829) 607-2115
México +52 (55) 4162-5945
Panamá +50 (7) 838-5021
Perú +51 (1) 708-9740
Puerto Rico +1 (787) 305-3252
El Salvador +50 (32) 113-3244
USA y demás países Latinoamericanos +1 (786) 272-2370

IV. Service Levels for Service Requests

This Level of Attention consists of the response times for requests from The Client related to Requests for Support and accompaniment (coaching, configurations or advice), whose attention time is established considering the Complexity of the Request.

Complexity Level Hours of Support Operations Maximum 1st Response Time Maximum Completion Time
Low Complexity 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. (Excluding holidays) -4 UTC 4 Hours * 24 Hours*
Medium Complexity 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. (Excluding holidays) -4 UTC 4 Hours * 56 Hours *
Hight Complexity 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. (Excluding holidays) -4 UTC 4 Hours * 120 Hours *

* Time expressed in business hours

- If it is determined that the complexity of the request is greater than 120 hours in its resolution, the Implementation Team could recommend converting the request to a Project.

- GB ADVISORS will respond for the first time to the Initial Request of The Client, within a maximum period of 4 hours, which are counted in working hours from the reception of said request.

Complexity Criteria:

-Low Complexity: Refers to the basic configurations, which are defined in the official product documentation. Easy to set up.

- Medium Complexity: Configurations defined in the official product documentation, which require further analysis to function as the complete solution.

-High Complexity: Configuration that affects different modules or are not defined in the official documentation.

V. Levels of Attention for Incidents

This Level of Attention consists of the response times for the requests of The Client related to the problems or malfunction of the tool, considering the Severity of the Incident.

Severity Level Hours of Support Operations Maximum 1st Response Time Maximum Completion Time
1 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. (Excluding holidays) -4 UTC 1 hour* 16 hours *
2 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. (Excluding holidays) -4 UTC 2 hours * 24 hours*
3 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday. (Excluding holidays) -4 UTC 4 hours * 56 hours*

* Time expressed in business hours

Note: If the Incident occurs outside Regular Service Hours, The Client may directly contact the Manufacturer of the insured Software through its service channel via email.

Severity Levels:

Severity 1 Critical Service Impact

It implies the total stop of operations, which represents the impossibility of The Client to properly and fully manage and enjoy the functionalities of the software.

Severity 2: Impact on implementation and/or significant impact on services

The failure impacts the operation, but does not stop it completely, with which the tool complies with the functionalities, but not 100%.

Severity 3: Moderate impact on service.

Involves an error that affects the functionality of the software; however, if an alternative solution to the one established and/or documented may be applied, mitigating the Incident. Note: Notwithstanding the attention and dedication that GB Advisors gives in order to solve the Incidents that have occurred, in the event that the Incident presented by the Client must be escalated to the direct attention of the Software Manufacturer, due to exceeding the Levels of Severity detailed above, the times of Attention and Resolution of these Incidents will depend exclusively on the Software Manufacturer -in accordance with the Agreements, Terms and Conditions of the Software License Agreement (SLA) of the latter- however, GB Advisors will offer the assistance and direct accompaniment to The Client to follow up and provide support to the latter in communication with the Software Manufacturer.

VI. General conditions

  • The Client is responsible for making the request to GB Advisors for the creation of each Case (service ticket), providing the description and complete information for the case, through one of the options afore mentioned.
  • The SSI service is subject to the subscription or licensing of the contracted software being active and current.
  • All joint sessions must be requested at least 24 hours before the date of the meeting and maximum 10 business days before the date of the meeting. Except for an incident of such magnitude that it affects the operations of The Client, that implies an emergency schedule of less than these times.
  • Joint sessions will be limited to one daily session of two (2) hours maximum, within office hours.
  • The Client may Hold up to a maximum of 5 simultaneous Cases related to Service Requests.
  • In the event of no response from The Client within 3 business days, the SSI Case will be closed.
  • Support for tool malfunctions is included in the cost of the license and is extended for the duration of the license. A "malfunction" is defined as the moment when a characteristic of the tool does not operate as it should according to the product documentation.
  • It is The Client's responsibility to notify GB Advisors of any changes made to systems that may impact SSI service.

VII. Excluded Services

The SSI Service does not cover the following aspects: Implementation Project Management or monitoring of project activities; nor does it include integrations not endorsed or approved by the Software Manufacturer not included within the SSI, the development of Non-Native Integrations or Custom Developments; nor the Migration or Manipulation of Data; nor the preparation of documentary material, without prejudice to the previously existing documentation created by the Software Manufacturer that is available on its official website, or the possibility of keeping the information provided during knowledge transfer sessions or through the recordings made.

VIII. SSI Duration

The Software Service Insurance (SSI) will enter into effect from the Activation of the Non-Exclusive Use License acquired by The Client and detailed in the Purchase Agreement to which this Annex belongs, and will last for one (1) year, counted from the acceptance and signing of this Document. It can be renewed annually, as long as the Non-Exclusive Use License associated with this Service is kept ACTIVE, by written request of The Client, thirty (30) continuous days before the end of the year, and GB Advisors, after reviewing these terms and conditions, reserves the right to modify them according to its technical feasibility at the time and other conveniences that make the continuation of the Service possible and sustainable. In case of accepting the renewal request, GB Advisors will give written notice to The Client.