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All IT companies today have one thing in common: for all of them, the competition is fierce, so they have to constantly monitor their help desk metrics to know the level of customer satisfaction and improve the quality of service.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to analyze all the information. Because you obtain better results by selecting only the data that allows you to know the requests’ status and the agents’ performance. 

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In this article, we will show you the benefits of monitoring help desk metrics. And you’ll learn about the KPIs that will allow you to improve your customer experience. Let’s get started! 

Why should you monitor your help desk metrics?  

By knowing the help desk’s indicators or KPIs, you can boost the growth of your business. And increase the loyalty of your customers.  

This information will also allow you to improve agent management and quickly identify weak points in the team. If you know these problems, you will be able to address them quickly. And plan strategies to prevent them from happening again. 

What help desk metrics should you monitor to improve your customer service?  

Monthly ticket volume  

For an IT manager, it is important to monitor the number of tickets that the department receives monthly. That way, they can know agents’ workload and determine if the IT department needs to implement new tools to improve the service.  

If the number of times your customers contact support increases, you should analyze the root of this problem. You can start by checking if there are any incidents related to one of your products or if current resources have been useful to users.  

Division by support channels  

A versatile help desk must offer several ways to contact the users, such as phone, chat, web forms, email, or through social networks. Each of these channels must be assigned to specialized staff to effectively manage all the requests received.   

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By monitoring the number of tickets received in each support channel, you’ll be able to learn about your users’ favorite ways of contacting you. And you will find out If you need more staff or train your agents again.  

Number of tickets resolved  

In an optimal help desk, which receives requests from external and internal IT service management customers, the trend lines of new tickets and resolved tickets should be parallel.  

By monitoring this help desk metric weekly, you’ll be able to learn about agents’ performance. And their ability to resolve issues quickly.  

Number of unresolved tickets  

With this information, IT managers can know the number of requests that remained unresolved in a period of time.   

By analyzing the most problematic tickets and agent responses, it is possible to determine why they were not resolved in time and make changes to improve service equality.  

Average first response time  

All clients want an agent that replies to the ticket, within a reasonable time after they have requested help, to let them know that they are already working on their case. If the response time of the agents is very long, the client will likely be dissatisfied.  

This data is very important if the guaranteed response times are published. Since this way you can ensure that you always fulfill the promises of your customers.   

Average resolution time  

Help desk metrics related to the time of resolution help agents understand how long it takes for the agents to resolve a ticket.   

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With this information, you can also quantitatively know the knowledge that agents have about a product. And evaluate if the team has the right tools to resolve incidents quickly.   

Top Support Agents Leaderboard  

With this leaderboard, you can quickly know the performance of each agent. This metric ranks staff using information related to their performance, such as individual response time, resolution time, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction scale.  

This report is very important for agents, as it helps them maintain their commitment to providing a good service and motivates them to continue doing a good job.  

Percentage of First Response SLAs  

Service level agreements (or SLAs) are the time limits, agreed between the company and users, within which a support ticket must be answered and resolved.   

With the percentage of first response SLAs, you can know the number of tickets that received the first comment from agents within the set time limit.   

If a support team consistently has a low percentage of first response SLAs, the IT manager should focus on improving the productivity of each agent. So it can meet the quality standards set with the clients.   

Number of agent responses per ticket  

By analyzing the total number of responses that each agent must give to resolve a ticket, you can know the individual performance of your help desk.  

If a conversation has too many exchanged messages, it indicates that the agent could not offer a quick response. And it is very likely that the customer has been dissatisfied. You can use this information to improve the individual performance of the team to solve tickets more optimally.   

Ticket load analysis  

This report shows at what point in the day, week, month, or year the maximum ticket load occurs. By analyzing this help desk metric, you can plan workflows better and rotate agent shifts more optimally.  

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By knowing the ticket load of your team, you can also ensure that your agents work with their maximum productivity during peak periods.  

How can you check your help desk metrics?  

IT teams manage a lot of processes. As a result it’s very easy to lose focus on the data that needs to be measured. To solve this problem, you can use a help desk software, that helps you to monitor in real-time the performance of agents, create reports, and the user’s requests. 

Freshdesk allows you to check all help desk metrics easily 

With Freshdesk, you can easily get insights that will help you create experiences that amaze your customers.  

This tool comes equipped with pre-designed reports that allow you to consult help desk metrics quickly. You can also create custom charts, and share them with your team. This way you can create strategies that will help you improve your service quality.   

With GB Advisor you can monitor these help desk metrics and more!

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