Customer service process: What is it and why does your company need it?

proceso de servicio al cliente

customer service processFor all types of companies customer service processes are a must. We tend to think that we have it all covered while dealing with our customers; but the truth is that there’s a lot to handle, plus a mandatory constant improvement.

 No matter the company goals and objectives, none of this can be achieved if there is no established order within the company.


Internal processes are one of the best business organization systems to achieve magnificent indexes of quality, productivity and excellence.

Its outstanding results have spread the application of this approach in companies and organizations of all kinds; regardless of their size or activity sector.

In the current competitive context as it is today, process management has become a necessity for companies; not just to succeed, but even to survive. Having customers becoming more demanding than ever, companies need to set their focus into what customers want and need. 


A customer service process is aimed at satisfying the customer. 

A customer service process is the set of operations that a company carries out with all its employees, integrating different departments to guarantee a solid and satisfactory experience for each customer. From knowing and assisting customers in their requirements, a  fluid dialogue, a quick and effective response to their requests; to detecting their needs to propose improvement actions. 

Your customers trust must be renewed continuously and with each purchase, request for information, claim or consultation. 


Why do you need a customer service process?

Ensuring the satisfaction of your customers should be one of the main objectives of your company. For this, your customer support along with the appropriate service process must be synchronized. Your team needs a standardized customer service process. Without it, your employees would not know how to approach an issue; leading to duplication in effort and delayed responses for customers. 

Your customer service process should ensure that the flow of support does not get affected with ‘back and forth’ situations between teams for solving simpler customer queries

With a customer service process, your employees will automatically know what to do, you’re providing them with a definitive set of support workflows and decision-making patterns. This way your customers will receive a completely coherent service. 


customer service process When you have a customer service process it shows, and you don’t have one it shows even more. 

Putting your customers first should be one of your company’s premises. This is the main component of a customer service culture, that along with a customer service process will secure the success of your business. 

Yes, it’s all about the customers, and we cannot say it enough. 


Benefits of a customer service process. 

  • Overall improvement of your customer support

Even when customers expect immediate responses, they don’t expect you to be perfect. They are aware that behind a brand or a company there’s a team of people that just like everyone else makes mistakes. What they do expect is that you fix things when they go wrong. 

The way of securing this is by having a customer service process that includes the right responses, the estimated time to fix the issue, and the instructions that the customers need to follow. 

Even when your customers are not seeing your customer service process in a written form; they can notice if your company has one or not just by the way your company responds. 


  • Better communication 

In a regular working routine things go smoothly; but sometimes incidents may happen, and this is when we need our employees to feel more confident than ever. One common failure is that employees do not know how to handle irregular situations

Having a standardized customer service process will ensure that all the members of your customer support team have a clear understanding of what is expected of them at every stage of the service they are providing to your customers. They need to know how to appropriately respond to any situation. 

From the regular and most common questions to a set of instructions, and knowing how to stay calm when handling complaints or angry customers. 


  • Consistency 

Every time you interact with a customer you have the chance to make it or break it. It doesn’t matter if your company is going under internal changes, your customers always expect to receive an effective service. 

Furthermore, when you offer support in multiple channels your employees need to be prepared for managing the right communication for each channel. Whatever this is via email, phone call or even a live chat; your company has to always show a consistent message.  


A well-structured customer service process will guide your employees on how to effectively handle all the interactions on every support channel. 


  • Employee empowerment 

Your employees need all the tools you can give them to improve their work. By having a customer service process; they can always review it to find the best way to handle situations while reducing the chances of mistakes.

When you have new employees customer service processes become even more helpful because they allow you to provide training faster and more effectively. Even when they don’t count with the experience. They will feel confident enough to deal with any issues by relying on the customer service process. 

Freshdesk is a customer support software that allows you to streamline all your customer conversations in one place, automate your repetitive work and save time, collaborate with other teams to resolve issues faster and so much more. 


customer service processAll of its features are made to help you build a strong customer service process. The helpdesk provides you with streamline communication while enhancing support quality across touchpoints. It also makes collaboration seamless to create consistency and accountability across teams. Helpdesk collaboration can help you avoid trekking between teams to get back to your customers. 



You will immediately notice increased performance and productivity in your employees because they’re using the right tools while enjoying it. 

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