Customer Support Trends For 2020 You Need to Know

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customer support trends


2020 is just around the corner and it’s announced as a year full of technology innovations, that’s why you need to know all the customer support trends that are coming very soon!  With technology being a part of every aspect of our lives; it is almost mandatory that we keep up with all the new trends.


Especially the ones related to the most valuable part of our business: the customers. Just like us, our customers are being part of the changes and innovations delivered by technology; and that’s why is so important to know what they are expecting, so we can make it happen. 

Customer experience changed drastically in less than 10 years; the previously known models are completely obsolete. Customers are in a new position where they can demand what type of service they want; how and where they want it. Client’s expectations of customer service are far beyond that a simple response to their questions; it’s even considered as a key factor in choosing a particular brand, company or service. 

Customer support trends for 2020


This is one of the biggest allies in keeping our customers happy and of course, one of the most accurate customer support trends for 2020. Personalization brings us the opportunity of getting to know our customers and making the best of it by building a relationship based on trust and loyalty. In addition, simple things such as referring to them by their names; focusing on their needs, knowing their interests and offering the right solutions will make your company stands for its customer support.

Support via smartphone

Can you imagine living without your smartphone? We can’t! These devices make our lives much easier by keeping us connected to everything we can possibly need. That’s why having customer support available for smartphones is a 2020 trend that you must follow.  Smartphones are in our hands all the time; and customers need to have quick access to your company: don’t make them go to the computer for that, your job is to make things easier for them. 

Social Media 

customer support


No need to explain how important is for your company to have a presence in social media, but for customer support it can make a big difference, why? Your customers will contact you via social media because that’s the fastest way of having access to your company.



For instance, when they receive new content posted on any social media network; they are expecting to have answers as well. If you want to keep things separate you can have a social media profile that only does customer support.

Real-time support

Like we previously mentioned, quick access and immediate responses are what customers expect. Think about when you go to a website for a particular service, maybe an e-commerce site because you want to make some shopping; but you have multiple questions that need an answer before you can actually purchase, sending an email is a good idea, but you don’t know how long it will take to get a response. What would be the best customer support in that situation?  A live chat! Above all, this customer support trend will give you the opportunity of sending a message through the website and having that message responded right away.


Videos are a very effective customer support trend because they simplify communication between companies and customers. They are interactive and flexible, and used for different purposes all related to customer support: answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), showing new features or products, manuals for “how to do” things, even live video calls that will help your clients resolve technical problems.

In conclusion, this type of customer support has a huge impact on client satisfaction for the simple fact of having a real person talking to your customers, and addressing them directly. 

Multiple channels 


customer experienceThanks to technology we can have multiple channels for our clients reaching out to us at any moment they need. That is to say, social media, emails, live chats, videos and more. Having all these channels guarantees two things that are keys in customer support: effective communication and client satisfaction; it may sound like a lot to handle but thankfully there is a solution for that. 


Freshdesk brings a new approach, a new world of customer service in the age of full email inboxes, online reviews, and social media. Freshdesk is an all-in-one service. You get email, social, phone, chat and in-app support in one interface.  Plus, you get information about customers via integrations and a built-in customer database.

We are living in the digital age, that’s why great customer experience needs to be delivered in a digital way. This pretty much resumes the customer service trends for 2020: companies will develop multiple ways of communicating with their customers, always keeping the personalization at the top, offering immediate access and quick responses, and making the real-time experience a fact. 

With Gb Advisors by your side, all the customer support trends for 2020 are a reality. Our professional team is waiting for you to make the best decision for your company.  Contact us now.

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