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Benefits of Business Mobile Device Management

Benefits of Business Mobile Device ManagementThe digital age has brought with it enterprise mobility, a work scheme in which members of a company are allowed to use any device to work. Thus, the cell-phone has become a powerful working tool thanks to the fact that it offers many benefits as portability, immediate availability of information, increased productivity, among other things.


In fact, according to the latest study carried out by IDC in collaboration with Telefónica, almost 70% of companies plan to implement a mobility strategy focused on improving productivity, optimizing resources and achieving greater business agility.

However, you should consider that the use of mobile devices implies a series of security risks that must be controlled in order to avoid being targeted by cyber-criminals.

Proper management of mobile devices ensures devices safe use within companies. To do this, it is essential to have MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools such as the one offered in G Suite, Google’s integrated suite of collaboration and productivity applications designed to optimize work and protect business information.

Why should you have mobile device management software?

It’s increasingly common for workers to use smartphones for business-related tasks. By 2015, Forrester Research revealed that 68% of people use the smartphone for work. And according to a study by Fieldwork Consultores and Samsung Electronics, 76% of the Latin American population considers the use of smartphones at work to be very important. It is very likely that in your company many of the employees already use their equipment to work, even though the company has not established a business mobility policy.

Mobile Devices SecurityAs an organization, you must consider the importance of the mobile as a work tool. This way you will be able to implement a cybersecurity strategy to control and secure those devices. The mobile device management software allows the company’s IT administrators to remotely manage the computers used to access company information.


Remember that cybercriminals are always designing new techniques and actions, whether through malicious emails, viruses, Trojans or other threats, to steal confidential information. For this reason, it is essential that the company manages mobile devices correctly.

These are the main benefits of having this type of software

#1 Company data protection

The number 1 benefit of this software is the safeguarding of company data. Mobile phones, being small, portable and valuable equipment, are susceptible to lose and theft. Unfortunately, those things happen and in those cases, the security of the company can be compromised.

Fortunately, having a mobile device management tool will prevent third parties from accessing your company’s network or even the information stored on your computer. These technological solutions allow you to carry out different actions remotely, such as blocking screens or even erasing confidential data.

#2 Centralized device management

Desk - Mobile Devices SecurityAnother benefit of using software such as G Suite to manage mobile devices is comprehensive management from a single location. From the same platform, you will be able to perform different actions to all connected computers such as selective cleaning of accounts or forcibly apply passwords without having to install software on the computer.


#3 Simplified apps management

As a way to optimize work; mobile device management tools also allow the administrator to distribute business applications to all employees from the software dashboard. This provides employees with the applications they need quickly and easily.

G Suite, an all-in-one package with mobile device management

A company’s success depends on several factors, but two of the main ingredients in this recipe are productivity; and information security. The G Suite is presented as a powerful solution, perfect for optimizing the work of any company. This suite is a package of applications that improves workflows because:

  • It offers tools to connect with the work team, as well as to organize (mail, calendars, videoconferences).
  • It includes applications for creating content (documents) and for accessing information online (cloud services).
  • G Suit also provides a tool to control the administration of mobile devices and manage company information securely.

Password - Business


Comprehensive solutions such as G Suite greatly improve the productivity of the company because it allows you to take solutions faster and collaborate with other teams in real-time. In addition, working in the cloud provides a secure environment and the immediate availability of information from anywhere.


Best of all, you can be confident that your company’s information will be secure. With the mobile device management tool; you’ll have nothing to worry about because you’ll be able to manage connected device information from the main console.

Also, if the mobile used by employees is also for personal use, no problem since Android separates business applications from personal ones. It also allows you to configure security options in addition to those set by the company.

If you want to optimize productivity and security in your company, G Suite is a very complete solution. In GB we can help you implement this tool in your organization. Our agents will give you all the additional information you need to use this software, contact us!


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