Nessus vs Trustwave: Which one is the best vulnerability scanner?

Nessus vs Trustwave

Being successful in the world of business requires more than developing a good product or service and knowing how to market it. The key to success is really a combination of factors, and investing in digital security is one of them. Fortunately, modern companies have already understood the importance of protecting their most valuable asset: information.

Nessus vs Trustwave


One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a vulnerability scanner. You can find various solutions of this type in the market, although there are certainly some that stand out from others. Many people often compare Nessus vs Trustwave to determine which software is best for their company.


To give you a better idea of what these solutions offer, we will explain what features they have so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Read on and find out more.

Nessus vs Trustwave: Why do you need any of these solutions?

Before making a comparison of Nessus vs Trustwave it is important that you have a clear understanding of what a vulnerability scanner is and why you need it in your business. In principle, you should know that vulnerability is a weakness that can be in an asset or in a control and that can become a security risk if it is exploited by some threat.

One way to prevent a hacker from accessing your information through these vulnerabilities is to use a system that allows you to identify, assess, prioritize and correct the identified weaknesses; systems such as vulnerability scanners.

The scan executed by this type of tool is characterized by executing a non-intrusive test, which means that it does not affect the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the services analyzed. In addition, the process is 100% technical, focuses only on the logical environment and does not include physical testing such as access to facilities or social engineering.

False positives

Nessus - Vulnerability scannerOn the other hand, you should know that vulnerability scanners often have a high false-positive rate. This means they could detect a vulnerability that doesn’t really exist. However, in the analysis of Nessus vs Trustwave you will notice that solutions like Nessus have focused on providing high accuracy during the detection phase to avoid this type of problem.


Vulnerability scanning is a process that stands out for having a relatively short execution time. In addition, it must be carried out on a quarterly basis or after a significant change in the system occurs.

Vulnerability detection software allows your business to remedy risks in the IT environment in a timely manner before a cybercriminal detects them and uses them to his advantage. While it is true that there is no tool capable of protecting companies 100%; as attackers increasingly apply more sophisticated actions, by choosing the right software you will be better able to keep up.

Characteristics of Nessus and Trustwave

If you have understood the importance of having a vulnerability scanner in your company; you should analyze which are the best available solutions. Nessus and Trustwave are two very popular software with some similarities. However, in general terms, they are not equally complete.

When doing an analysis of Nessus vs Trustwave in terms of its flexibility and integration capabilities; we found that they are very similar, as both offer centralized dashboards, integrated data warehouse, and integration with SIEM, GRC, NMS, and so on.

However, Nessus is the only one that offers role-based access and integration with enterprise asset management tools. The latter is very useful for optimizing user management.

In terms of vulnerability assessment, Nessus stands out for offering more support options than Trustwave. It includes support for mobile, cloud and virtualized assets.

It also includes application security testing. And when it comes to reports, both allow the creation of customized reports, but only Nessus provides reports based on assets or functionalities.

Nessus vs Trustwave: Which Vulnerability Scanner is Best? 

Tablet - Nessus vs Trustwave


At this point, you’ll want to know who wins the Nessus vs Trustwave battle. Knowing your company’s needs will help you determine which is the most suitable option. However, it is always best to bet on a software that is as complete as possible and in this regard Nessus has more points in favor.


More than 27,000 organizations around the world rely on this scanner to detect, evaluate; and manage potential vulnerabilities in their systems. It is a technology of reference in the business world; so it would be a bet more than safe for your company.

One of its most notable advantages is accuracy, as it has the lowest false positive rate in the industry; with around 0.32 defects per 1 million scans. It also has the broadest and deepest vulnerability coverage in the market.

Its great success may be due to the fact that it is a solution developed by security professionals for professionals. Therefore, they understand the need for an efficient tool, which is at the same time simple and intuitive.

Vulnerabilities exploitation has become one of the major concerns of companies. Fortunately, with a vulnerability scanner like Nessus, your organization can be more secure.

If you want to implement this solution in your company, contact us. Our agents at GB Advisors are available to give you all the information you need about security.


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