5 practical tips for more secure video conferencing

secure video conferences

The whole world is turning to video conferencing to stay connected during the pandemic. Especially for new remote work models, online meetings are a constant resource. However, along with the multiple opportunities and benefits that this resource brings, new waves of cyberattacks have joined, going beyond the “Zoom bombers”. The manifestations and consequences of attacks...

Cyber-Hygiene at Work: Cybersecurity for Mobile Applications


The pandemic has challenged every industry. Its economic implications forced business leaders to contemplate how to maintain productivity through remote working and managing multiple processes outside the office. In addition, the pressure of cyberculture has led companies to implement various connectivity methods to provide continuity to their business activities. Providing services through mobile platforms, creating...

First steps: Creating a cybersecurity plan for SMBs.

Plan de ciberseguridad

Cybersecurity is not reserved for large companies. Nor is it a necessity only for those that collect huge amounts of financial data and personal information. All businesses that rely on the Internet need to be aware of current cybersecurity risks and take the necessary steps to address existing vulnerabilities. Since it all starts with creating...

5 key cybersecurity factors for educational institutions

ciberseguridad para instituciones educativas

Many universities and schools in the digital age might claim to know about cybersecurity. However, do they all actually take the necessary steps to stay safe from cyberattacks? Let’s lay out 5 key cybersecurity factors to help educational institutions around the world increase their cybersecurity and prevent cyberattacks.   1 Recognize the cybersecurity issue No...

Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability Management Tools

Cybersecurity issues are becoming a serious challenge for businesses. Recent trends and cybersecurity statistics reveal a huge increase in intrusions. 68% of companies feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. That’s why companies need to implement appropriate security mechanisms for their IT systems and it to detect and manage potential vulnerabilities while proactively protecting themselves before...

Kill Chain Taxonomy: What is it about and how can it help you improve your cybersecurity?

kill chain taxonomy

It’s no secret that cyber-criminals are always looking for new ways to take hold of companies’ most sensitive assets. Undoubtedly, being in constant innovation even allows them to stay one step ahead of some top-of-the-line cybersecurity measures. However, although the channels they use may vary, their methodology maintains the same basis. That’s probably one of...

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