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SIEM Software

Choosing one among multiple options is never easy, especially when looking for the best SIEM software to protect your company. 

One of the most important aspects to consider when looking for the right software to implement is what the company needs. Does your company need to improve vulnerability management, threat detection, and response to unexpected events?

Security information and event management (SIEM) software is your best option to cover all these aspects with a single tool.   

If you still don’t know how can a SIEM helps you improve your company’s cybersecurity or how to choose the ideal one for your company, in this post we’ll tell you how.   

Does a SIEM serve only to protect against threats?

SIEM Software  

No. SIEM software does not only protect against threats. One of the advantages of implementing one is the chance to comply with your industry’s data security standards.  

Having a SIEM can make it easier to perform audits and report results. This way, standards such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS (among many other regulations) can be met easily.     

A SIEM seems like the perfect option if you want to have a better understanding of the cybersecurity landscape of your organization.  

Moreover, there are certain aspects to take into account when choosing one. Below, we mention some of the most relevant ones.   

5 elements that every SIEM must have  

Fast response capabilities  

We know that one of the main goals of SIEM software is to anticipate possible attacks, besides locating vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.   

However, a good SIEM must give you the ability to respond promptly to any cybersecurity incident. How does it do it? With host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS), immediate notifications, file integrity monitoring, or continuous endpoint monitoring, just to name a few.     

Automation Capabilities  

SIEM Software

When it comes to cybersecurity, automation capabilities help you ensure timely responses to incidents and unexpected events.   

In marketing or project management, automation capabilities can eliminate manual and repetitive tasks. This saves time and allows employees to focus on tasks that bring more value to their roles.   

In this regard, automation in SIEM software allows you to automate all the actions that you need to take when detecting threats and vulnerabilities.

Moreover, you can create security action orchestration rules triggered by the detection of a vulnerability, set automatic alarms triggered by specific parameters, or even configure automated actions connected to external applications.   

Scalability and integrations  

In addition to timely and fast responses, SIEM Software must be easily deployable and scalable according to the organization’s requirements that will use it.   

An organization needs to be protected regardless of its goals and the scope of its operations. For this reason, a SIEM that can seamlessly adapt to such changes is essential.   

As a result of this flexibility, the organization will be able to stay protected; even if it grows or its structure changes.   

Compliance with data security regulations  

Easily complying with data security regulations and standards across industries is another advantage of using a SIEM.   

Although many software of this nature force you to use extra tools for compliance management, the ideal tool should be able to unite this compliance management with cybersecurity management, centralizing it in a single platform.   

As a result, all stakeholders will save time and money by managing these different aspects within a single tool.   

On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring  

SIEM Software

Everyone is going to the cloud! According to Gartner analysts, more than 85% of organizations are expected to prioritize their efforts toward using organizational architectures and cloud technologies.   

With this, most organizations (if not all) will have to move their infrastructures to the cloud. They should do it if they don’t want to lose ground with their competitors.   

For this reason, it becomes essential that a good SIEM can protect both cloud and on-premises infrastructures, even simultaneously.   

In this sense, what should a SIEM do for you? First, eliminate blind spots and monitor and eliminate hidden IT activities.

It should also help you protect the migration of assets from physical data centers to the cloud.

Is this all that the ideal SIEM software for your organization should have?   

The ideal SIEM for your organization should not only allow you to respond on time to any event or incident. It should also be scalable, as well as to manage compliance and monitor your digital infrastructure, both physical and in the cloud.   

But, if you are wondering which SIEM encompasses all these attributes under one platform, AlienVault USM is our answer.   

AlienVault USM is a SIEM that will facilitate vulnerability management and overall cybersecurity of your organization, giving you the opportunity to:   

  • Correlate events    
  • Automatically prioritize alarms   
  • Comprehensively monitor your infrastructure in the cloud and on-premises  
  • Create customizable reports for compliance   
  • Store logs for auditing and compliance
  • Create and configure automatable event responses and actions   

Although the perfect SIEM does not exist, having one that has these attributes is the solution that can take your organization’s cybersecurity management to a new level of efficiency and control.   

And all this by using a single, intuitive, easy-to-use platform designed for organizations of any size and industry.    

At GB Advisors, we offer you the training, support, and advice necessary to choose and deploy in your organization the cybersecurity tool that best suits its needs. Contact us 

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