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AT&T Cybersecurity

AT&T Cybersecurity recently announced the winners of its 2022 Partner of the Year Awards. In these awards, GB Advisors stood out as one of the best AT&T Cybersecurity partners in the Regional Awards category.  

Gb Advisors managed to stand out as the best partner for Latin America, as a consequence of its good performance on this market. This achievement represents a milestone in the young alliance between both companies.   

AT&T Cybersecurity 2022 Partner of the Year Awards   

These awards arise from AT&T Cybersecurity’s commitment to ensure that small and medium-sized companies have tools to protect their digital assets and infrastructure.   

This represents an incentive for the best-performing partners both globally and in regions such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC), North America, and Latin America.  

After a couple of years of collaboration, 2022 is finally GB’s year in Latin America due to its good performance. Consequently, GB positions itself as a leading partner of AT&T Cybersecurity in the region. 

Committed to our clients!  

GB Advisors and AT&T Cybersecurity have been working together for more than three years now. However, this is still a young alliance with miles to go and many more good milestones to reach. 

Achievements like this only reaffirm the commitment and dedication that resulted in a strong business relationship between both organizations, as stated by our CEO Alexander Guedez:   

“Working with the outstanding professionals at AT&T Cybersecurity has been one of the joys of this partnership. The care and dedication for ensuring leading-edge cybersecurity solutions to help our clients innovate safer have been at the core of our shared success. At GB Advisors we are honored to be named AT&T Cybersecurity LATAM partner of the year for 2022”. 

Ensure the adaptability of the tool and the success of your implementation 

In terms of cybersecurity software use, the tool you choose from GB Advisors and AT&T Cybersecurity needs to achieve full adaptability with your company’s needs.

For this to happen, you need a Software Implementation Project (SIP). Ultimately, this project will help you manage all aspects of the implementation effectively.  

With our SIP you obtain:    

  • A dedicated project manager and technical agent for your project 
  • An established work plan with deliverables and timelines   
  • Migration of software, data, and advanced configurations    
  • Use of work methodologies such as SCRUM or PMBOK so we can deliver ready-to-use software  

As a result, you will get a smooth and successful software implementation.

You already have the tool, now you need after-sales support!  

Preventing usability issues from affecting your organization’s performance is possible, but for this, you need timely and quality after-sales support.    

How can you face usability issues without hassle? With a Software Services Insurance (SSI), a service that guarantees you:  

  • Support in the installation and resolution of usability problems 
  • Knowledge transfer  
  • Updating of versions   

How GB Advisors and AT&T Cybersecurity can help you protect your organization?  

Acquiring any of the AT&T Cybersecurity products from GB Advisors guarantees that the implementation of the product in your organization will be successful, as you will get:  

  • Training  
  • Support   
  • Advice   

All this goes along with our SSI and SIP, services you can enjoy with the acquisition of the tool you need.   

No matter if you need to manage digital assets, assess vulnerabilities, or detect security breaches in your organization, GB Advisors and AT&T Cybersecurity are your ideal allies to help you protect the digital integrity of your company. 

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