G Suite – Collaboration and Productivity Applications

The silos between departments and applications are one of the main challenges faced by companies. After all, nothing wastes more time than scattered, difficult-to-access information. Luckily, this is a challenge that can be met easily with the help of the G suite.

G Suite or Google Apps for Business is nothing more than a suite of applications designed to improve the way work is done within the organization. Designed by the world renowned Google, there is no doubt that this suite contains everything a successful business needs to optimize its workflows. With G Suite you will have access to:


  • Unlimited cloud storage.
  • Business email account.
  • Shared Calendars.
  • Advanced collaboration and productivity tools, and much more...

Collaborate more and better and increase your teams' productivity with the G Suite

What are the advantages of using the G Suite?

More tools: In addition to the traditional free Google apps such as Google Drive and Gmail. The G Suite offers its subscribers premium features and applications including business Gmail accounts, migration tools, and advanced management controls

Data security: Google uses multiple servers around the world to store your data. This ensures that you'll be able to access them wherever you want, even if one of the servers fails. In addition, its two authentication system gives users completely secure access.

Cloud Computing: Thanks to the possibilities offered by access to the cloud; in the office, at home or on business trips, all employees can carry out their activities in a dedicated digital workspace. Which increases their productivity.

The best of Google

Gmail (email application)

Google Drive (cloud storage)

Google Calendar (online calendar)

Google Hangouts (Videoconferencing and messaging service)

Word processing tools, spreadsheets, forms and presentations

Google Vault and Admin (management functions)

Google Sites (tool for creating public and internal websites)

App Maker (development platform)

Unlimited cloud storage

One of the biggest advantages of the G Suite is that it offers users unlimited storage (under certain conditions) so that they have the freedom to store all their data securely in the cloud.

Streamline your processes and achieve greater efficiency with the help of Google's G suite
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Create your own virtual work environment and enjoy all the advantages of cloud services

Business email account

In addition to having the most secure and efficient messaging system, the G suite allows you to portray a more professional image of your company, and improve customer perception of your brand through a personalized business mail account.

Unrestricted collaboration

No matter where your team members are working, it is important that they are always up to date on the progress of any project they are carrying out. Google Apps ensures that they don't miss anything by synchronizing all relevant information in one place and in real time.

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