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Bringing the smartphone to the workplace is a common practice in 87% of organizations. Almost every day, your employees access to corporate applications from their personal devices. And unintentionally, they expose company data to new vulnerabilities.

This situation can generate significant losses for the organization.

In this respect, MDM solutions are an ideal alternative for separating personal data from business data.

Here are the key points for integrating MDM into your enterprise.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management is a system designed to control smartphones and tablets within corporate networks. You can use this method to centralize all important activities in these devices. Therefore, it works as an inventory of mobile resources, action detector and compliance moderator.

With the MDM, the department of IT can manage terminals, remotely delete sensitive data, create back up, run encryption, and limit access to applications.

In addition, MDM solutions use an API generated by mobile operating systems to perform special tasks such as: massive installations, geolocation in case of loss or theft, and synchronization of files on a given server. In some cases, the MDM also controls the usage of data, SMS or calls.

Mobile Containers and EMM

The MDM is the first rung for the implementation of other integrations such as mobile containers and EMM. Although they function well independently, they work better together.


In this sense, mobile containers guarantee the separation between corporate information and common user data. These containers packs all important communications, codes, applications, and configurations. They also use an isolated operating system to encrypt the exchange of data packages between terminals and company assets. In this way, you can add an extra layer of security to enforce the interdepartmental activities manage by MDM solutions.


Besides, Mobile Device Management enables the deployment of Enterprise Mobility Management strategies, which are especially useful for companies with a considerable number of remote and international employees. The EMM consists of a stack of more general solutions that enable the safe use of any mobile device without limiting work capacity. In fact, the MDM is an essential part of this protocol, and at the same time, constitutes the genesis of it.


The mobile security policy

Although Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have been conquering the corporate arena for more than 5 years, the implementation of mobile security policies is still a scarce practice.


However, this is a priority task to prevent the emergence of new vulnerabilities within the company.

Especially considering that unwary employees are the gateway to cybercrime, especially in large organizations.

With MDM solutions, the IT team can establish criteria for the definition, scope, and guidelines for the usage of mobile devices.


In this way, by having an overview of personal devices and their behaviors within the company, it is easier to create a better BYOD culture for employees and the organization in general.

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that the complete security of mobile devices lies in a multi-layered strategy, in which the MDM solution takes on the role of administrator, while other tools must be in charge of eliminating threats.

Advantages of MDM in Bring Your Own Device environments

The era of Bring Your Own Device took hold of large, medium and small businesses. However, only a few companies are actually prepared to take the risks of this much-needed practice in today’s workplaces. Fortunately, MDM solutions can minimize security silos in IT departments.

Here are some benefits of Mobile Device Management:

  • Automation

Automation prevents human error vulnerabilities. In this way, MDM software can be configured for executing updates, blocking services, managing credentials, and scheduled data deletion.




  • Technical Support

The IT team can easily deal with bugs and other system failures. MDM software provides timely reports of system status and allows simultaneous device repair.




  • Unification of systems

In most cases, this technology can be integrated into general security suites. External tools can also run scans and clean threats on the mobile device network.

  • Cost Savings

The theft information can lead to high costs and legal disputes. For this reason, the MDM shields digital assets from intruders and inappropriate management by collaborators within the company.

Choosing an MDM Solution

Have you decided to implement an MDM solution? You should consider the following criteria when choosing the adequate software:

  • It provides relevant information about Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Especially, serial number, model, version, user and time of the last connection.
  • Detects major mobile vulnerabilities. Especially out-of-date versions of Apple iOS devices; as well as discover jailbroken iOS devices.
  • It can take action on mobiles that violate compliance protocols. It also audits the state of the configurations.
  • Identifies devices that are foreign to the corporate network. In addition, the software should determine which devices have not been connected for a certain period of time.

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