How can a Productivity Suite increase the efficiency of your team?

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I would like you to think about the number of tasks you have to do in your working day. How many are repetitive? How many can you do faster thanks to an application?




The activities of the members of the company are usually subdivided into small tasks, which although simple can be heavy. Luckily, technology has provided us with an enormous variety of tools that allow us to perform our daily assignments more easily.


However, there is a problem that these applications have not been able to solve on their own: silos. How many times have you used multiple apps at once and in between jumping from one app to another, have you realized that you have wasted a lot of time and even lost the thread of what you were doing?


So much distraction has surely made you want to find all the tools you need in one place. Well, you don’t have to wait any longer, the Productivity Suite has come to the rescue.

This package of applications can do great things to improve the effectiveness of work teams. If you’re interested in learning more about its advantages, don’t miss this article we have for you today.


What is a Productivity Suite?


Productivity Suite


A Productivity Suite is an ecosystem made up of applications and services for different uses. The concept of a “collection of applications for productivity” is nothing new, in fact, for several years now many of us have been using the Microsoft Office package for the generation of documents, graphics, spreadsheets, and presentations.



However, in addition to offering Office packages, the current suites offer functionalities that go much further. In fact, one of their greatest advantages is that they bring together in a single subscription a wide variety of apps designed to promote employee productivity, improve employee collaboration, and maintain corporate data security.


The main objective of this type of service is to provide companies with centralized access to all the solutions they need to meet the needs of human talent and optimize their workflows.


What are the basic characteristics of a Productivity Suite?


Depending on the provider or the license we contract, the tools and scope of the suite can vary significantly. However, there are some basic characteristics that all of them usually share:


  • Cloud storage, with shared space for collaboration and a large amount of personal storage space for each user account.
  • Compatibility with the most popular desktop software products to facilitate file imports and exports.
  • Task management systems to assign, prioritize and track tasks.
  • Email service (some suites offer customizable domain), and a shared calendar.
  • Office applications for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Advanced security features (such as two-factor authentication).
  • Business communication tools, including software for messaging, online meetings, and video conferencing.


How can a Productivity Suite increase your team’s efficiency?


Now, let’s get to the point that brought you here. What can this type of package do to help you optimize the efficiency of your team?


There are many ways in which a Productivity Suite can improve the way members of your company work. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Centralized control


Productivity Suite


The Productivity Suite more than offering tools provides real solutions to real business challenges. As we said at the beginning, silos between applications can seriously hinder the work of employees, so finding a resource that centralizes everything is vital when it comes to increasing efficiency.



This is the great thing about the Productivity Suite. All your tools can be monitored through a single console. In addition, these solutions are designed to interact and work together and, thanks to subscription mode, are always up to date, which helps ensure their security and smooth operation.




One of the greatest needs of today’s employees is mobility. There are members of the company who need to move around constantly. In this context, how can we ensure that something as important as communication flows with simplicity when carrying out a project?


Easy, through the right resources. Thanks to its collaboration tools and the advantages of working in the cloud, the Productivity Suite can allow employees to access their messages, documents, contacts, and calendar from virtually any computer or mobile device.


No matter when or where the professionals in the organization can be productive and work in complete collaboration thanks to this package of services.




Productivity Suite


Getting everyone in the company to adapt to new changes is another major challenge facing organizations. Luckily, with a Productivity Suite, you won’t have to worry about your employees having trouble adapting and learning to use their new apps.




This package usually has highly intuitive tools, so you can start taking advantage of its features from day one.


You won’t have to worry about spending time and money on the implementation and maintenance of a very complex information system. With a Productivity Suite, you will have high availability and reliability without the associated costs.


In conclusion, less time invested in complex technical processes and more targeted at increasing efficiency.


Some criteria you can use to choose your Productivity Suite


  • Applications adapted to your needs: the suite should provide you with tools that are really useful to your company. Carefully analyze the objectives you want to achieve before choosing one or the other.
  • The provider’s ability to improve their suite: remember, you not only want tools that are good now but also evolve and adapt to future needs.
  • Scalability: your suite should be able to grow with you. Choose one that offers you a license adapted to your requirements; but also the option of acquiring more benefits if you need it.
  • Storage: Do you want unlimited storage or do you think it is not necessary? Before you decide, take into consideration the volume of data you are going to handle.
  • Security: don’t keep any package that doesn’t at least offer authentication in multiple environments, protection against external attacks, backup and data protection.


What are you waiting for? Collaborate more and better with the right tools.


If you still don’t know which collaboration and productivity package to choose, don’t worry. Contact us and receive comprehensive advice so that you can make the best decision and simply implement your solution in your company. At GB Advisors we have the best tools and a team of professionals willing to help you optimize your IT environment to the utmost.

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