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Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Delivering a good customer experience depends not only on providing good products or services but also on ensuring good employee performance. Companies have long placed the customer at the center of all their business strategies, however, lately industry experts have highlighted the advantages of giving greater importance to the Employee Experience.



There are numerous reasons why all companies should focus on getting their professionals to maintain a positive relationship with their work environment. One of the most important is that as an individual’s level of comfort and satisfaction at work increases, his or her productivity and commitment to the organization will grow.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of offering a good Employee Experience, don’t hesitate to read on. We bring you a lot of information that you will surely find very useful.

What do we mean by Employee Experience?


Employee Experience is a term that makes reference to an employee’s observations and impressions of his/her position in a particular company. This perception is often influenced by the company’s physical environment, work-life balance, and productivity-enhancing tools.


A positive employee experience depends on the proper functioning of the three factors that most affect an employee’s perception of his/her workplace. These factors are the culture of the company, the technology and space where they work.

When we talk about culture, we refer to the set of values that govern the organization, its form, and its work environment.


Technology, on the other hand, refers to the set of tools that the employee has at his disposal to carry out his activities and achieve his objectives.


Employee Experience


The office or physical space of work addresses the tangible elements of the company. Thanks to the fact that workers spend an important part of their time living in this place, it can have a high impact on the employee experience.




Why is it necessary for organizations to pay attention to the Employee Experience?


Clearly, the better the experience employees have in your company, the easier it will be for them to concentrate their creativity, skills, and effort on making the business successful.


Many studies have shown that when employees are engaged, they are inclined to work harder and solve problems, move forward and develop faster, adopt social behaviors at work, and stay longer in the company.


As a result, the organization gets many benefits such as the following:


Greater performance: A good employee experience can make the company’s professionals optimize their response times, improve the quality of their customer service and increase the number of daily tasks they perform.


More commitment: It is certain that you want to keep for many years those employees that you consider, do an excellent job. The problem is that, if they are excellent at what they do, they have the possibility of being hired by other companies.


That’s why you need to offer them an experience that creates a sense of belonging and a strong commitment to your company, so you don’t have to worry about losing your talents.


Employee Experience


Optimized customer experience: A committed employee strives to serve customers in the best possible way. Whether through the creation of a product, or the Help Desk, these professionals will use all their creativity to ensure customer satisfaction.




How to guarantee a positive employee experience?


#1 Make sure communication is optimal


Plan employee training and integration sessions. This will allow them to improve their skills and get to know the other members of the team. Use these sessions to highlight your company’s values and the models and levels of customer service you expect.


It is very important that you also give them access to well-designed tools with which they can communicate easily and fluently. In this case, we recommend that you use good Ticketing software such as Freshdesk and a collaboration tool like Freshconnect.


Both will allow your team to send and receive useful information at the right time. As a result, response times to incidents or problems will be reduced.


#2 Pay attention to the recruitment stage


In the process of bringing new talent to your company, your recruiting team must not only be able to choose the best professionals but must also have the ability to show your company’s values in the right way. As a result, they will be able to make the future employee begin to commit even from this initial stage.


Using Freshteam can be a great opportunity for your recruiting team to better manage all activities related to talent recruitment.


#3 Put collaboration above the hierarchy


Employee Experience


Talented professionals have plenty to choose from when looking for a job. That is why they have the opportunity to filter the best proposals and choose only those that offer them certain benefits that can go even beyond the salary.





Some of these benefits are A healthy workspace, reasonable working hours, more humane, collaborative and attentive management, less hierarchical levels, and above all a culture that promotes team collaboration.


#4 Take care of their physical well-being


A super-motivated professional can work overtime for many months in a row, but for sure, he can’t do it permanently. A too long and stressful work pace can negatively affect employees and reduce their productivity.


So try to give them enough free time to regain strength and create a good balance between their personal life and their work. You can also encourage them to practice a sport regularly and create rest areas where they can relax for a few minutes a day during their journey.


Remember, beyond technology or any other resource in your company, the human factor is the one that has the greatest potential to help you achieve a successful organization. Don’t underestimate the importance of offering them a work environment that they like and motivates them to keep working.


Show your employees how much you care. Offer them tools that will improve the way they do business. At GB Advisors we offer you the latest in software solutions so that you can improve your workflows and increase the productivity of your company.


Contact us now, and receive quality advice from our professionals.


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