5 trends that will impact the Customer Relations in the coming years

Customer Relations

Customer Relations


The concept of “Customer Service” has changed considerably, especially in recent years. Technology has played a fundamental role in this transformation, as it has introduced resources that have modified the way companies interact with customers; and that have contributed to the increase of their expectations. The issue of customer relations is now more complex than ever. 



Therefore, it is the responsibility of companies to keep their agents updated and trained to provide the best possible experience at all times. If you are interested in knowing what trends will help you offer successful customer service in the coming years, we invite you to read on. 

The current demands of the Customer Relations 

When we speak of “customer relations” we are referring to the totality of the exchanges that a company or brand maintains with the public, in all channels and through all existing modes of communication. 

The way in which companies and customers interact with each other has changed a lot in recent years. However, the objective remains the same: to attract, retain and fidelize customers by offering them the best possible service. 

Devices such as tablets and smartphones have helped to create increasingly mobile and volatile customers. They no longer settle for passive interaction with companies, but want to be given greater importance in the purchasing process and above all they want to receive a personalized experience.


Customer Relations


This represents a great challenge for companies, as they must strive to offer the best service and give the best impression from the first contact, since the competition is usually a click away, and the tolerance of users for service failures is almost minimal. 




Trends that will impact Customer Relations in the coming years

Now yes, without further ado, we present some trends in customer relations that over the next few years, will allow you to offer a high altitude service. 

#1 Multichannel support 

In parallel with technological progress, the diversity of communication channels is also growing. Therefore, to meet customer expectations, the ideal is to enable a multichannel support, or at best an omnichannel support. 

In this context, in addition to traditional channels such as email or phone calls, we will also witness the popularization of other media such as online chat or social networks.  The choice of channels will depend on the new habits developed by customers.

Of course, more channels means more tasks for the support team. In this case, the success of customer communication management will depend on the quality of the organizational structure of the help desk and its ability to use the right tools to automate processes. 

#2 Chatbots

For two years now, chatbots and virtual assistants have been setting trends in customer relations. You can expect them to continue to be an essential part of strategies to attract and retain consumers. 


Customer Relations


Among the many advantages that this technology offers, we can say that it helps the company to ensure a good presence and to be more receptive. It is also a tool that today, is able to offer an autonomous service, and give coherent responses that meet customer demands. In addition, they contribute to the customization of customer relations.



If we consider 2019 as the year of consolidation of progress in artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, the only thing left is to conclude that the chatbots are here to stay. 

#3 Cloud Computing and Big Data

Companies will have to deal with tons of customer data. Storing and managing such a flow of information will only be possible through technologies such as Cloud Computing and Big Data

The cloud offers storage space with virtually centralized access to all the information the company needs. The Big Data on the other hand allows the intelligent analysis of that information to get the most out of it. 

This translates into faster access to customer data and a better understanding of customer preferences and requirements. 

#4 Personalized strategies

A few years ago, it would not have been unusual for a company to send information, in a single email, to its entire customer database. Today, this practice is frowned upon by users, who demand more and more personalized treatment. 


Customer Relations


With this in mind, large companies are focusing on offering more human interactions, with a more informal tone, that allows them to connect emotionally with them. Whether through social networks or email marketing, organizations have understood that providing personalized treatment can bring great benefits.



#5 CRMs 

There is no better tool to adapt to trends in customer relations than CRM. Above all because the providers of this type of solutions are always working to offer the latest in technology. Cloud storage, multichannel support, data analytics, you can get it all in one place through this software. Without a doubt, this is another of the trends that we will see maintained over the next few years. 

What do you think? Is there any other trend that you think will set the tone in the coming years? 

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