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Machine Learning

Machine LearningMachine Learning is a term that applies in any context where progress or the future of technology is discussed. Experts from various specialties continue to echo its benefits and its possible applications in almost any area of our daily life. But what does this mean for organizations? Does Machine Learning really have a practical, concrete and important use for companies?



If you still have any doubts about how your organization can take advantage of the potential of this technology, we recommend that you take a look at these 5 reasons to invest in a tool that integrates Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a term that is closely related to Artificial Intelligence. Although many people refer to both ideas as synonyms, Machine Learning actually corresponds to a sub-strand of AI.

So, to define it we can say that: Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence. Its function is to use different algorithms to interpret, understand and learn from the data it receives. Its main advantage lies in its ability to generate a deductive analysis from the information it processes.

Machine Learning establishes a break with classical programming, which consists simply of giving orders to the machines. Because, as its name suggests, it allows a machine to be able to acquire knowledge on its own, to adapt and provide coherent answers.

5 reasons to invest in tools that integrate Machine Learning

Machine Learning#1 Improve preventive measures

Many of the challenges related to infrastructure or equipment operation problems affect organizations unexpectedly. If what you need is to minimize the occurrence of avoidable incidents related to IT environments; a solution with Machine Learning may be the perfect choice for you.


Thanks to Predictive Analytics, companies have the opportunity to calculate when processes and devices may fail. As a result, it is possible to create a preventive plan to respond effectively to any unexpected event affecting the organization’s infrastructure.

2# Boost customer service

With intelligent data processing, Machine Learning can exponentially improve the customer experience. It can do it, for example, through an automated system that receives information about an inconvenience or demand from a user; and immediately sends consistent information to resolve the problem. For this purpose, Machine Learning technology can use one of the most important advances it has brought, the Chatbots.

A Chatbot is a specialized program that can perform multiple useful tasks for customers. For example, it can unlock a password, create tickets, resolve them, generate an invoice, etc.  Through this technology, customers can get faster answers and a surprisingly accurate feedback. As a result, user satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Machine Learning3# Save time and money

Through automatic learning, you can achieve a more efficient allocation of resources based on prioritization; where organizational priorities are defined and service levels are established.

You can also save time and money by investing in a technology that allows you to offer a 24/7 service that, does not depend constantly on human intervention or a large team of people to function.

4# Diminish errors

Machine Learning can be combined with other specialties such as Data Science to analyze large groups of information in depth. As a result, Predictive Analytics can enable IT Operators to search, explore and correlate data more efficiently to speed problem resolution, obtain operational information and deliver the best possible response.

This Predictive Analytics can even help minimize the occurrence of a human error by automating processes and detecting anomalies in real time.

5# Enhance ROI

There are several ways that Machine Learning can help organizations improve their Return on Investment. One of them is the application of Predictive Analytics for the acquisition of software tools.

It can also help you determine which software solutions really add value to your business; and keep a record related to tool licensing to avoid unnecessary upgrade costs.

Another way it can help you increase ROI is by predicting the useful life of your company’s equipment. In other words, Machine Learning can use historical data on equipment performance and even manufacturer information to determine whether equipment needs to be replaced. In this way, it helps to avoid the needless acquisition of new devices.  

Greater innovation means better tools:

Machine Learning


Regardless of the sector of activity, these Predictive Analytics are becoming increasingly useful for companies in the strategic decision-making process. With this in mind, some leading software solution companies have decided to offer their customers tools that integrate innovative applications based on Machine Learning.



As an example, we can mention the giant ServiceNow; which has put great efforts into offering better solutions with cutting-edge technology, through its Intelligent Automation Engine. This application uses Predictive Analytics to improve IT Service Management; in order to enhance workflow and increase value delivery.

Remember that to get the best out of Machine Learning, you need to combine the human potential of your organization with the right software solutions. Contact us to receive more information about the most innovative and effective tools for your company.


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