3 surprising Help Desk secrets to improve user satisfaction

helpdesk secret to improve user satisfaction

helpdesk secret to improve user satisfactionWe all think of customer service as a dying art, especially when it comes to online help. However, customer service and help desks are the foundations of every business, and just like a coffee barista can improve your mood by asking how is your day, online help desks can provide stellar customer service – by employing some proven techniques.

The live chat features and 24/7 support tools are a great thing. However, they should not be only great on paper – they should lead to a great experience. Now, we all know the ‘be consistent, polite and resourceful’ tips and tricks when it comes to help desks – but is there more to be added to the plate? Yes – there is.

Here are 3 of the most surprising techniques that help desks can leverage to achieve top-notch customer satisfaction.


Helpdesk-Remember Occasions1. Remember Occasions – One of the best ways to build brand loyalty is to treat your users to special discounts, offers and even gifts on their birthday, the day when they joined or a national holiday. The fact is, we all use help desks – but can you remember the last time you got feedback from a help desk for a special occasion? Not really, right?

What may start as an ‘Hey there Eric, it’s your birthday – and we’d like to send you our greetings’ email with a special offer, may lead to real appreciation and a significantly improved satisfaction from the end user. And if you are wondering why email exactly, you should know that over 59% of B@B marketers consider that email is the most effective channel for generating revenue – and when it comes to help desks, it’s already linked, making perfect sense.

Helpdesk-educate users2. Educate Your Users – The definition of online help means resolving an issue. But what about educating the user, so that the issue never crosses their screen again? Yes – education is important, and sharing some tips via the chatbox or the phone can work wonders – and believe us, users really appreciate it.


Helpdesk-monitor satisfaction3. Monitor Satisfaction – Obviously, no one can ever know the level of success of their help desks if they don’t monitor the overall user satisfaction ratio. But did you know that globally, the average value of a lost customer is $243, and that in the US the yearly cost of poor customer service is over $83 billion? That on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase?

Therefore, tracking and monitoring customer satisfaction is critical – both to improve it, and to make sure that the support given is to-the-point and accurate. And with the digital sphere shifting to mobile, optimized support and tracking is absolutely essential.


The human touch: being humorous, friendly and always present on social media, are also some of the small but important details that help make the customer experience, via your help desk, a successful one.


According to many experts, customer service is the new marketing – and your help desk can only be the start of building long-term brand loyalty.

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