4 Reasons To Switch From McAfee MVM To Tenable SecurityCenter

4 Reasons To Switch From McAfee MVM To Tenable SecurityCenter


danger-signs-mailWe have previously talked about the end of life of the McAfee Vulnerability Manager and Total Protection for Compliance Desktop, and the time has come for their end. From January 11th this year, there will be no updates, new versions or maintenance for these programs.

This has brought a lot of confusion for users caught with little information, wondering how to do a migration of their security system in which they won't lose any of the features they have been enjoying, and who are looking for a better security product.

That is why we have chosen Tenable SecurityCenter as the best alternative to McAfee's MVM. Far from being left unprotected, consider this as a great opportunity to upgrade. Let us show you these 4 powerful reasons why switching to Tenable SecurityCenter your best option:

1. WIDER FOCUS AND BETTER ACCESS - Tenable brings a more comprehensive form of technology to the table - and gives you complete visibility of your network’s vulnerabilities through active scanning and passive scanning, as well as the presence of agents and logging. Tenable SecurityCenter CV helps you cover a lot of gaps that MVM simply didn´t even consider.

Moreover, Tenable offers free online training with every purchase, so that you can master the platform without incurring additional costs.

seguridad deigial2. CONTINUOUS VIEW AND ADVANCED ANALYTICS - You certainly want to focus in on the critical data an actions that matter the most, right? The analytics and continuous view in the Tenable platform allow you to do so. SecurityCenter gather comprehensive vulnerability data from ever element in your network, including host and software configuration, password compliance, patch compliance, firmware and version updates of security devices, status of anti-malware software, data in motion, unauthorized connections to our network, suspicious access activity and so forth. You tell SecurityCenter what your security priorities are, and SecurityCenter provides intuitive, easy to read analytic reports to show you the areas that require the most urgent attention.

3. EASIER INTEGRATIONS AND SECURITY ASSISTANCE – Tenable SecurityCenter integrates easily with other tools, such as patch management, mobile device management and mitigation applications, facilitating the automation of complete vulnerability detection and mitigation processes from end to end with a minimum investment of time and effort.

4. THREAT-FOCUSED IT CONTROL – With SecurityCenter CV, you are able to quickly identify just about any vulnerability that threatens the security of your business, and be alerted to what needs to be tackled more urgently according to your compliance requirements. With it’s capacity for integration and inclusion, SecurityCenter helps you maintain a high degree of control of your IT Security, complementing and leveraging all the other necessary security components, including firewalls, malware protection and patch management tools.

You can also detect breaches that may have passed unnoticed to other tools such as MVM, and take steps immediately to remediate damage without further loss of time and resources.


So, bottom line, why Tenable?

analisis de vulnerabilidadesEach year we see big changes in terms of security, and an alarming increase in the number and sophistication of threats. With the potential for data leaks, identity and financial information theft, and the fact that malicious parties know that many businesses are still open to vulnerabilities, it is ever more important to ensure that your organization is as protected and well monitored as possible. No other tool offers the completeness and depth of threat assessment and analysis as Tenable SecurityCenter, which is why the U.S. Defense Information Security Agency (DISA) selected Tenable as the Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Take advantage of Tenable’s limited-time offer to replace your McAffeee MVM at a special discount, and enjoy the feeling of being covered by the best vulnerability managemet tool in the market, and the assurance that Tenable will be by your side for a long time to come.


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