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Big Data Technology

Big Data TechnologyThe development of new technologies has been driving the steady growth of digital data production. At first, this large amount of information was a challenge for large organizations, which began to handle huge mountains of information. This accumulation slowed down their systems and made almost impossible to determine manually or with traditional tools, the set of data with true value content. Because of this, those large companies were forced to find new ways to store, analyze and process the information generated in their activities. As a result, Big Data technology was created.

This new way of processing information, with as many applications as advantages, has promised to take Smart Business to another level, but how? Is Big Data technology just a trend or does it really represent an effective tool to improve your company’s processes?

Read on and find out how Big Data technology can help you use the data your organization manages to improve ITSM.

Beyond the Big: What is Big Data technology?

Despite its name, the Big Data technology involves much more than just a huge amount of information. There is no standardized definition of what Big Data is. However, we can say that the term encompasses the heterogeneous mass of digital data produced by companies and individuals whose large volume; diversity of forms and processing speed require specific and increasingly sophisticated tools for their capture, retrieval, distribution, storage, and analysis.

The goal of Big Data technology is to enable the processing, visualization; and cataloging of large data streams in real time; through innovative storage solutions such as Cloud Computing. To do so, it employs software that uses sophisticated computer algorithms; designed to detect relevant information and establish correlations between it.

Big Data technology and its 5Vs


Big Data TechnologyThe experts in this technology have decided to summarize the principles of Big Data technology in what they call the 5 Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value.

  • Volume: Refers to the vast and ever-growing amount of data that this technology must handle.
  • Velocity: It is related to the speed with which new numerical data is multiplied and expanded; as well as the need to process it effectively in real time.
  • Variety: In an organization, data can be generated from different sources. This heterogeneity requires diversity when analyzing and processing information. 
  • Veracity: It is related to the authenticity of the collected content.  Because this technology gathers an infinite number of data of diverse nature, it is important to always ensure the quality and reliability of this information.
  • Value: Accumulation by itself makes no sense. The aim of looking for new ways to effectively process all the data generated in an organization; is to be able to use the content of true value to obtain new business benefits.

5 advantages of Big Data technology for ITSM

Big Data technology has transformed the challenge of effectively managing huge amounts of information into a competitive advantage for organizations.

Speaking specifically about ITSM, Big Data technology can become a great ally aimed at optimizing operations and improving service delivery. Check out these 7 benefits that Big Data technology can bring to IT service management and get the most out of intelligent data management:

Big Data Technology#1 Help redefine business strategies

Through the accurate data processing, decision-making can be optimized by taking into account the results that have worked best for the organization. In this way, companies can recalibrate their objectives based on strategies whose actual results have already been predicted.

#2 Improve the customer experience

In an environment where customer satisfaction is a critical factor in establishing truly successful businesses; Big Data can become a differentiating component in responding to requests with greater speed, accuracy, and precision.

Thanks to this technology it is possible to access in real time the information of any customer; and discover groups of incidents with a common root cause. In addition, thanks to the efficient analysis of information, it is possible to achieve the automation of the process of generating effective solutions to users’ demands.

#3 Enhances the security of the system

Big Data technology also correlates data to detect threats and anticipate cyber-attacks.  That means whether it is to detect unusual system user behavior or to determine the pattern of hacker comportment; Big Data can be a powerful resource for the IT security team to automate processes and detect matches that would normally go unnoticed by the human eye.

#4 Reduce costs

Big Data technology helps automatically classify active and expired software licenses, calculate applications utilization, and forecast trends in service requests; to ensure the acquisition of solutions that add value to the organization. In this way, it contributes to improving the ROI of applications purchase by optimizing software management.

#5 Contributes to creating effective contingency plans

Thanks to predictive analytics, Big Data technology can help IT operations teams anticipate any problems that may arise in a variety of situations; such as system migration or software upgrades. In this way, IT Ops can create effective strategies to avoid downtime or to solve service interruptions quickly and effectively.

Intelligent data management can ensure that you anticipate your organization and your clients’ needs by making the right information; available to the right people at the right time. In a context where the ITSM must constantly face the challenges of the digital transformation, it becomes easier to ensure competitiveness through this sophisticated resource.

Whether you are looking for the right tool to manage or protect your data, trust GB to help you acquire smarter solutions. Contact us and make the best decision to take advantage of all the advantages of Big Data technology; through our free and high-quality consultancy service.

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