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The efficient management of data, oriented to meet customer needs, has become a great challenge for organizations. This is, mainly, because of the enormous amount of information generated by the interaction with users. Luckily, there are smart ways to overcome these challenges and turn them into new opportunities. One of the most revolutionary is represented in AI and CRM integration.

Predicting user behavior and needs is now much easier with the help of Artificial Intelligence. So, read on and learn more about how AI and CRM can help you enhance your relationship with your customers.

Artificial Intelligence: The development of more “human” machines

Technological progress has enabled human beings to provide machines with some capabilities that go far beyond their traditional functions of structuring, and storing data. As a result, this advance has allowed the development of Artificial Intelligence.

In this context, the term “Intelligence” refers to the ability of machines to learn, understand, analyze and dialogue in the same way as a human being. To better understand how Artificial Intelligence works, it is necessary to consider the terms Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as they are closely related to this technology.

  • Machine Learning: Represents the ability of machines to learn by themselves; without the intervention of a programmer.
  • Deep Learning: It is an algorithm based on cascade networks that allows a predictive analysis through parameters’ combinations.

These learning engines, turned into complex algorithms, represent the basis of AI and are the key to ensuring the success of the combination of AI and CRM.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence

If AI represents such an effective resource, it is because of its incredible scope:

  • AI collects and processes huge amounts of data.
  • It can understand Natural Language.
  • Detects patterns and predicts behaviors.
  • Uses reasoning to calculate risks and solve problems.

AI and CRM: When Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management meet

AI and CRMWhat is the focus of CRM, and where does the need to combine it with Artificial Intelligence come from? It would be helpful to answer these questions to better understand the benefits of AI and CRM integration.

The main objective of CRM is to better understand customers and offer them customized and valuable products. Always tailored to their needs.

From the beginning, CRM has used databases to achieve its goals in a simpler way. However, until now, this information management has been focused mainly on collecting, storing and providing data at the request of clients; leaving aside the processes of extraction, analysis, and interpretation, which give true value to the information received.

Coupled with the ever-increasing volumes of data that organizations must handle; it’s easy to see why CRM requires the support of AI to adapt to the era of digital transformation.

Advantages of AI and CRM combination:

More efficient data management

AI and CRMAll data from social networks and digital interfaces can be centralized in CRM so that AI can interpret them and redirect them to provide real value for the company’s objectives.

In this sense, organizations’ helpdesks and marketing departments can simplify and enhance customer management by integrating a resource that allows them to respond more quickly and accurately to customer requirements.

An optimized sales strategy

Through automated data entry and intelligent data analysis; organizations can create more accurate profiles of those customers most likely to purchase their products.

By predicting customer behavior, companies can take personalized actions to avoid the use of invasive advertising and to provide material of real interest to each prospect. As a result, they can promote a positive perception of the company’s brand and encourage an increase in the number of leads.

In addition, AI can also be used to analyze customers’ emotions to establish strategies that increase their level of engagement.

Better application development

Through the intelligent data analysis that results from the AI and CRM integration; Devs will be able to create applications with more intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that not only increase conversion rates; but also guarantee the customer an unprecedented and quality experience.

Consolidation of customer confidence

The use of biometric technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, such as facial recognition; allows organizations to reinforce a climate of trust with their customers. This is thanks to the delivery of a service or product that guarantees the total protection of sensitive consumer data.

Increased customer satisfaction

Personalized and quality service is undoubtedly a determining factor when it comes to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. By using a user-friendly marketing strategy targeted at the right time and in the right context; companies can help their customers develop positive feelings about their brand. In addition, by offering fast and effective customer service; it is possible to humanize the interaction with users and promote the idea of a company that beyond sales is truly interested in offering welfare to its customers.

AI and CRMThe evolution towards a more efficient CRM that allows cost and time saving, and valuable product offerings is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Remember that the easiest way to automate processes and achieve satisfactory results is through an effective software solution.

Currently, there are many options in Customer Management tools. So, be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs; with the help of an expert opinion.

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