The 12 factor App Methodology: Why is it important for your networks and systems?2 min read

12 factor app

The 12 factor app methodology is the result of the study of brilliant minds that converged in a framework for the development and use of friendly and accessible software from any device.

Now, why should you be interested in knowing it? Simple: Everyday more and more companies bet on Cloud computing services. In other words; sooner than later you will be reached out by the need of immersing yourself in the 12 factor app methodology to provide or be provided with Cloud-based services.

Whether you trust or not in third-parties services to develop your applications; it’s a good plan for you to become familiar with both; principles and processes behind the 12 factor app methodology.

Here we advance a little on the 12 factor app methodology; and the aspects it has to comply on for your developing and running the best Cloud-based applications and services.

Why the 12 factor app?

Let’s start from the beginning. The methodology known as 12 factor app obeys to the need of creating robust and user-friendly applications who correctly run and work in virtual environments.

In this sense, there are three major modalities to provide and be provided with Cloud-based services. You most probably already know what we mean here; and what are their fundamental differences, but we remind you just in case: SaaS (Software as a Service); IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

So in all of them, the premise is the same: Once you develop and set your application, it has to smoothly operate from the Cloud without having to deal with other aspects such as Operating Systems; Configurations; Backing services; etc.

Tthen, in order to achieve this, experts created the 12 factor app methodology. Thanks to it, you cover each of these aspects at the right timing so that the applications run as they must.

How to create and integrate the 12 factor app methodology to your networks and systems?

As we previously held; the 12 factor app methodology makes your virtual applications and services to quickly and correctly deploy and scale.

However, they demand experience to be adapted to the particular infrastructure; network architectural considerations of the virtual environments where they will be hosted on so they’d be able to respond from any instance.

This graphic will serve as a practical guide to create 12-factor applications

12 app factor

These 12 factors help us to cover a broader spectrum of creation and use of Cloud-based applications and services that, as technology users and consumers; we need to know in depth. So, the 12 factor app methodology is one of those advances and innovations that allow us to delve in IT to serve and be served in a proficient way.

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