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AI and SIEMWe have used our intelligence to solve problems and ensure our current lifestyle. Why do not increase its potential by using Artificial Intelligence? Actually, since AI’s versatility allows it to have multiple applications. Why do not go further and use it to boost the efficiency of data analysis, vulnerabilities, and threat management software in an integrated AI and SIEM  solution?



AI and SIEM integration is becoming popular among software developers as a way to attack next-gen threats using next-gen solutions. Keep reading and learn more about how AI and SIEM solutions can increase the efficiency of your IT security team.


AI everywhere, what makes it so special?

Artificial Intelligence increasing the semantic level of facial recognition, AI as a tool of users’ preferences recognition, AI developing layers of abstraction to emulate the functioning of human’s neural networks … It seems that AI will become part of every system around us in the future; and it sounds logic, considering it is currently providing many specific benefits in diverse industries.

    AI is helpful because:

  • It allows machines to learn from experience without human intervention: AI can learn how to relate data and automate its system to detect new anomalies and potential threats.
  • AI can analyze large amounts of information in short periods of time (Big Data Analysis).
  • It perceives significant hidden relationships leading to the prediction of future problems.
  • AI also reduces its margin of error by detecting faults in its own system.

Traditional SIEM solutions are limited



Software developers had multiple reasons to integrate AI and SIEM. Simplifying and optimizing the detection and analysis of different kind of threats was one of the more important.

Security software has evolved over time to improve the process of detecting and suppressing digital threats. However, it has not managed to get away from the classic configuration of traditional antiviruses.

These antiviruses detect threats by using only information previously indexed in their databases. That makes them incapable of detecting unknown anomalies since they have not the ability to index new information into their systems by themselves. This represents a major problem in an era where cyber-attacks get more and more sophisticated every day.

In addition, the increase in the volume of amounts of data handled daily by SIEM professionals tends to slow down the system. That is why it is almost impossible to continue analyzing large groups of information manually or through traditional security software.

AI and SIEM: Is this integration efficient?

AI and SIEM solutions make possible to increase IT security team efficiency through vulnerabilities, threats and cyber-attacks detection. This technology has improved to predict unknown threats attacks with minimal human analyst intervention.

AI and SIEM combination allows IT security team to reduce the frequency of false positives which require human intervention.  In this way, SIEM analysts can redirect the time they invest in validating positives, to focus on higher priority activities.

The integration of AI with SIEM solutions offers the following advantages:

  • AI uses cognitive reasoning to determine the relationship between diverse anomalies without human supervision.
  • It collects, processes, and analyzes large amounts of data without slowing down system response potential.
  • AI optimizes UEBA module (User and Entity Behavioral Analytics) to detect irregular patterns in users’ behavior. These patterns include changes in users’ regular system entry schedule or connections from different geographical points.
  • It evolves from traditional reactive security systems to a new and proactive solution. This is possible thanks to a high-quality performance led by Machine Learning technology.
  • Reduction of false positives allows IT security team to concentrate their intuition and creativity on higher priority events.

Integrated AI and SIEM solutions can replace your IT security team?


AI and SIEMIntegrated AI and SIEM solutions cannot replace any IT security team at least in near future. Despite its scope, AI has not evolved enough to reach absolute dependence and effectiveness in security system threats detection and suppression.

The evolution of digital threats makes imperative the presence of qualified human analysts in your security team. Threat detection needs human intuition to reduce possibilities of unnoticed attacks. However; integrated AI and SIEM solutions represent an excellent alternative to enhance the skills of any security team since this software automates processes, and provides coherent responses in real time.

The digital security market is currently offering interesting applications which integrate AI and SIEM. Logrhythm, for example, has presented its powerful security software that integrates SIEM solutions, and its CloudAI application. This brand, which is already well positioned among users, promises an efficient and intelligent data analysis and events detection software through its CloudAI.

The battle for security in the digital space has begun. However, Next-gen SIEM represents a great option to fight this battle with smarter resources. Learn more about Logrhythm’s CloudAI and other solutions suitable to your needs through our GB tech expert team. We are always available to offer you free and professional advisory hand in hand with our long-time expertise.

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