Big Data in 2019: The Solution To Your Business Problems

big data 2019

big data in 2019

There is no doubt that Big Data in 2019 will continue to be a relevant issue for those who have adopted this technology. Nowadays, data management has become a vital resource in the digital transformation process which means that its influence is still growing.

That is why we want to show you what it’s all about and to explain its role in solving today’s business problems.


Understanding Big Data in 2019


This technology arises from the growing collection of information generated by humans, machines and intelligent devices. In fact, it is called Big Data, due to the huge amounts of data that cannot be processed by conventional tools. To gain a better understanding, we can relay on the 3 V’s:


big data in 2019

  • Volume: It means that the information is processed in large volumes of data from diverse sources. These can come from transactions, customers, suppliers, machines, web traffic, ERP or CRM software and more.
  • Speed: Big Data in 2019 it is generated faster. In order to operate in a more efficient way, it is necessary to process the information through effective tools that can give a response in real time or almost immediately.


  • Variety: This refers to the diversity of data available. While traditional information is easier to organize beause is structure, it has changed. Now there are semi-structured and unstructured data that require powerful analysis to get their value.

Big Data in 2019: Managing Massive Information


Now, the usefulness of Big Data in 2019 becomes even more relevant when you understand the value hidden in massive information. It is a process that requires analysis, interpretation, addressing, pattern identification and appropriate technical-human integration. All alligned to obtaining precise metrics that allow making the right decisions, in order to implement predictive yet effective strategies.

How can Big data optimize your business processes?


big data in 2019Whether you’re considering the implementation of an ERP or looking for new ways to shore up your CRM, the most advanced applications for this technology are related to:

  • Automated Learning
  • Operational Efficiency
  • User/Customer Experience
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Products or services Development  
  • Compliance and fraud prevention
  • Innovation Development


Big Data has become an important asset for companies due to the value of the data analysis to improve efficiency and to develop new products.

big data in 2019The availability of data analysis allows a different approach to addressing issues. As well as achieving new findings that motivate the opening of investments at an organizational level.

The adoption of Big Data in 2019 does not have to be a complicated process aimed at large companies. With the help of our experts, you can affordably integrate all these vital capabilities to your current evolution, efficiency, and profitability.


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