The SaaS CRM transformation is closer than ever


69% of SMBs want to replace their SaaS CRM.

SaaS CRM transformation is closer than ever. A study by Freshworks and Forrester revealed the need for business sectors to implement a more up-to-date CRM. It should be more intuitive, multifunctional and easy to use.

Indeed, the statistics are clear: 69% of companies plan to replace their Customer Relationship Manager in the next 2 years. The reason why? Buyers invest large sums of money in complex software, difficult to manage for end users and not very adaptable to the needs of departments.
While there is a need to find an early response to these problems, suppliers and businesses must find the right solution.


Let’s see a little more about the data from the Freshworks study:

Transforming SaaS CRM

Freshworks, supported by Forrester, identified that conventional SaaS CRMs slow cross-department operations; just as they hinder the relationship with consumers. To find these results, they surveyed 300 companies from USA and Europe that currently use SaaS CRM. In the same way, participants belong to the e-commerce, technology, retail, travel, education, and NGO industries.
Of all respondents, only 49% of providers and 34% of users are satisfied with their customer fidelization resources. The main reasons for disagreement with these Customer Relationship Managers are:

  • Too complex processes
  • Lack of adaptability to IT departments and reduced customization of functionalities
  • Difficulty integrating the solution with other systems
  • Lack of data needed for a 360° view on sales and Business Intelligence
  • A high level of expertise is required to benefit from the software

The new CRM software

According to Freshworks case studies, the obsolescence of some customer fidelization software seems imminent.

However, this is not bad news. It is only the proof that the evolution of some settings and interfaces is needed. In this way, brands capable of adapting to users’ requirements will dominate the CRM industry.



For this reason, regardless of whether you are a software vendor or an user, you must take into account the following characteristics when contracting a customer management software.


According to the Freshworks study, a perfect SaaS CRM offers these 5 functions:

# 1 Can automate routine tasks

In particular, an improved SaaS CRM integrates Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the daily activities of the company. The low flexibility of workflows is one of the main reasons why users want to change their old fidelization systems. Departments simply do not find much difference between working with a conventional CRM and doing it manually.

Therefore, these software must be able to streamline repetitive tasks on their own, generate primary conversations with end consumers, and create contexts around the data.

# 2 One solution for all fidelization activities

All in one. Users want to work with a virtual desktop capable of automatically interconnecting the data of each prospect.
At the same way, they need to track consumer behavior during their purchase process; as well as quickly resolve those tickets that require cross-department collaboration.

In this respect, centralization is one of the most useful and desired features in a SaaS CRM.


# 3 Works with other systems

35% of respondents want a CRM software that can integrate with other tools and applications. CRM optimizations have to do with the use of resources that are part of the day to day of the employees such as: digital calendars, chats, Help Desks, contact information and call center.

# 4 Easy to use and adapt to the company

50% of companies think their Customer Relationship Manager software is too expensive compared to the profits made. However, the study indicates that dissatisfaction with costs is only the consequence of a much deeper problem: companies need software to be adapted to the technical level of their employees and the number of steps within platforms to be reduced.
As long as the processes are too complex, users will not use CRM products optimally. And more difficult it will be for the company to receive a positive ROI.

# 5 Offers orderly data on sales

The data must be comprehensible to all departments, as each sector of the company needs periodic reports to optimize its processes. In this case, sales analytics play a fundamental role in the growth of any business. For this reason, SaaS CRM must sort and contextualize all the required information in real time. The tool should implement data organization resources such as maps, tables, and statistical values.


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