CRM and Marketing Automation: Enhance your interaction with customers

CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and Marketing AutomationDigital transformation has exponentially changed the dynamics of customer-business relationships. As a result, organizations have had to reinvent themselves to better connect with their customers; and maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace. Fortunately, technological progress has offered these organizations some solutions aimed at facilitating their processes of interaction with users. One of the most innovative can be found in the integration of CRM and Marketing Automation. 


This new combination has come to break the silos that have traditionally been created between sales and marketing, and finally; achieve a powerful union that facilitates the passage of the customer through the conversion funnel. Read on and find out all the advantages that this innovative alternative can bring to your business. 

CRM and Marketing Automation: Two not-so-opposite concepts

Before we highlight the advantages of this integration, let’s take a look at the definitions of both approaches:

What is a CRM?

When we talk about CRM, we refer to a set of processes and tools with a global perspective related to the client. The objective of CRM is to offer organizations the opportunity to respond to the expectations of the customer or lead; at the right time and through the right channel. 

What is Automation Marketing?

On the other hand, we can define Automation Marketing as a set of techniques that allow the activation and implementation of digital marketing campaigns without “manual” intervention.

Automation Marketing is born as a technique aimed at helping marketing teams to streamline, automate and measure all marketing actions and flows; such as lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing, and return on investment (ROI) measurement.

What are the advantages of this integration?


CRM and Marketing Automation


Marketing and CRM teams are the faces of the organization, as these department members usually interact more closely with customers. Considering this, the coordinated work between both teams and the support of quality tools; can give companies great advantages to increase sales. Among them we have:



#1 Best Targeted Strategies 

Knowing your customers better is a vital factor in designing effective marketing strategies. With the combination of CRM and Marketing Automation; you will be able to access metrics that allow you to create a list of the user profiles most likely to engage with your brand. All through the information that can give you a comparison between the databases of both departments. 

#2 Faster Answers

Marketing Automation can power your CRM so you can deliver the right content at the right time. As well as responding instantly and automatically to new prospects in your system; while sending relevant messages to your current prospects. You can even set up alerts for your sales team to receive immediate email notification when a user advances further in the conversion funnel. 

#3 More effective campaigns

Do you have two or more landing models on your web portal? Do you have any idea which one might work better? With an Automation Marketing tool, you will be able to deploy A/B tests that will allow you to determine the campaign model that works best for attracting leads. Once you generate new leads; your CRM team will immediately be able to access the data to start the sales process. 

#4 Improved ROI


CRM and Marketing AutomationThe integration of CRM and Automation Marketing will allow you to automate an enormous amount of tasks related to communication with customers. This way you can reduce the need to hire new staff for repetitive tasks; and you can assign sales team members tasks that require more creative effort and concentration. 



#5 Time Saving

Instead of trying to guess the value of a prospect, you can automatically assign it a score based on the actions it performs on your website or through the information in your emails. As a result, you will avoid wasting time and will be able to focus your efforts on the best potential customers to close sales more efficiently.

#6 Conversion rate enhancement

The effectiveness of your website depends not only on the amount of traffic it can generate but also on its ability to transform this traffic into qualified leads. So if what you are looking for is to boost the Conversion Rate of your online portal; an Automation Marketing tool is what suits you best. With this type of solution, you will be able to easily identify the friction points of your website (those sections of your page that do not allow users to move towards loyalty with your brand); and as a result, you will be able to improve the performance of your website to turn it into a powerful sales generator.


CRM and Marketing AutomationIf you still do not have any idea of which CRM and Automation Marketing tools can best adapt to the needs of your company; we recommend you take a look at two excellent solutions proposed by the giant Freshworks. The integral CRM, Freshsales and the all-in-one tool, Freshmarketer. Both belonging to the Freshworks ecosystem and perfectly integrable and adaptable to the requirements of any business.  


Have the audacity to try more effective marketing strategies and exponentially improve your interactions with your clients. At Gb Advisors, we help you find solutions adapted to the demands of the digital age. Contact us now for free, quality advice on leading software solutions. 

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