Migrating your call center service to the Cloud? Learn how to do it easily!

call center service en la NubeTechnology and a new generation of customers have grown in parallel. For this reason, customer services demand new approaches where innovation and creative responses set the deal.

In this order of ideas, there’s nothing more innovative than Cloud Computing regarding sophistication and efficient response for service delivery. As call Centers are an important part of the workflow of Help Desk and Customer Service delivery, thinking about migrating your call center service to the Cloud is the next step to excel.

So, if you still are evaluating the possibility of migrating your call center to the Cloud, go for it. However, it’s a good idea to know first the benefits, advantages and general aspects before starting your migration. Here we gather are such details for you:

Advantages of migrating your call center service to the Cloud

  • Resources On-Demand

By migrating your call center service to the Cloud you guarantee both the necessary platform to operate, and its availability. With them you will assure the permanent service provision, and will reduce the costs associated to the investment, installation and deployment of a traditional call center.

  • Scalability

If your company is still a start-up, you can perfectly begin your operations with a modest Cloud-based call center service, and then adapt it as your business grows.

  • Security

customer serviceAs per being hosted on servers shielded against cyber attacks, Cloud-based call center services have an extra component on digital security that extends to your company’s and your customer’s sensitive data.

Same, patch management and updates are part of the responsibility of the company that hosts your call center service, and thus your IT staff is relieved from executing these tasks.

  • Multiple devices

Having any Cloud-based implies compatibility with multiple devices. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of money and resources.

So, migrating your call center service to the Cloud also guarantees the use of related applications from any mobile or desktop device to improve the user’s experience.

  • Analytics

Another important service that you benefit from when migrating your call center service to the Cloud is Speech Analytics.

As it detects word patterns in both, your customers and your employees, this tool really helps you to select and establish the best content to develop the perfect speech to make effective calls.

Such analysis provides you privileged information to organize your scripts and focus on what actually works for your call center service.

Before migrating your Call Center Service to the Cloud…

There are some aspects you need to take into account before migrating your call center service to the Cloud. As for example, you need to to determine which applications you should configure, and the order you will do it.

As experts in tech support and in all type of migrations, we strongly recommend you the practices below to avoid service interruptions:

  • Relevance

First of all, make sure that the solution you choose meets your company’s needs. Think about the management of the sensitive data and the impact of hosting it on an third-party server.

Same, evaluate the capabilities of your IT staff, and weigh the economic impact of hiring new talent or updating the existing, and their influence on your budgets.

  • Integrations

cloud-based call centerOn the other hand, your legacy systems and technological resources must comply with minimum requirements to achieve the transition of your call center service to the Cloud.

Ask yourself if your company meets the new requirements to host and carry out this migration, or if it suits you better to make an investment in state-of-the-art technology.

Also, make sure that your migration of your call center service allow the correct management and integration of accounts in Social Networks, Email, Web Chat and Back-Office tasks. Same, be sure that your chosen toll is compatible with your database, CRM, ERP and any other legacy solution.

  • Stability

In another order of ideas, it is important to assure the stability of three elements: Internet connection, adequate bandwidth and an efficient interaction with the Data Center. You need all of them to guarantee the correct deployment of your services for both your customers and agents.

  • Softphone

As the data flow of your call center service will deploy over the Internet, it will need VoIP format and make sure that the use of softphones will have full compatibility with the new format you are migrating to.

  • Third-party’s profile

Also, we advise you to choose a third-party who meets all your needs for the transition, tailoring, implementation, deployment and commissioning of the system.

Same, you must know the hosting location, the experience of the provider, type of security it offers, and compliance in regards of standards and technology.

Finally, find out if the service provided is only Cloud-based, or if it also extends to on-premise services.

  • Type of virtualization

It is important to know well how your service provider operates, therefore, ask if its offer is based on virtualization, how information will be handled and above all, how the service is related to your business model and what operational risks may arise.

Demand to your provider to explain in detail the contingency plans it offers before down time.

Transitions in call center service migrations

There are non-established universal standards for transitions of all kinds that also applies to call center service migrations. They are:

call centersService degradation is unacceptable

If you are migrating your call center service to the Cloud, it is to improve the service quality you provide to your clients.

Therefore, it is unacceptable that they experience service difficulties or degradations

Stability is the minimum acceptable level

In the worse case, your final customers should not experience any substantial change when communicating with your call center service.

Speed up change management with knowledge and detailed processes

As knowledge accelerates processes, it is advisable to organize update meetings for your staff in charge of change management. Also, you must establish a protocol to carry out your employee’s paradigm shift.

As you can see, making the decision of migrating your call center service to the Cloud gives you many advantages that result in immediacy, security, comfort and satisfaction.

At GB Advisors we have the best cloud-based call center services and tools and also, we assist you throughout the migration process to make it simpler. Contact us here and know in detail the plans we have for you.

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