CRM Software: Which business departments can benefit from its integration?

Software CRM

Is your company experiencing money leaks, misdirected objectives, and poor customer service? Even though you think this situation only occurs in your business, the statistics show that at least 43% of big enterprises have the same problem. However, for every challenge, there is always a solution. In this case, most of the time business can solve this issue by integrating tech solutions such as CRM software that are able of optimize Time Management and cross-departmental communication.

However, for every challenge, there is always a solution. In this case, most of the business can.

Software CRM

Although Customer Relationship Management software are originally designed to handle tasks and company’s relationships with its buyers, they offer real-time data about internal and external business’ events. This kind of software also play an important role in the optimization of the dynamics between departments such as cross functional working, accomplishment and planning of unified objectives.

At the same time, the performance reports from different CRM modules capture detailed images about the capability and effectiveness of business’ operations, these metrics are essential to leverage Project Management, Cost Management, ITSM, Marketing tactics and more.

In this blog we are going to explain to you the benefits of using a CRM software in different areas of the company.

Business departments that benefit from the integration of CRM software

We know that using a CRM is an essential step for the digital transformation of any company. It has the capacity to multiply the return of investment (ROI) and fix the breaches in User Experience caused by a lack of technological resources that make possible a unified vision of workflows.

Moreover, the latest CRM software are multitasking assistants designed with an agreeable interface that allows everyone in the working team to exploit the platforms’ potential even if they are not skilled in programming or  don’t understand technical subjects.

Here you have a top 5 of business departments that can easily benefit from the integration of Customer Relationship Management Software:

# 1 Sales and customer service

As the name implies, the Customer Relationship Management software find their mainly avail in sales and customer service department. These software offers Customer Services Automation solutions such as chatbots for prospects, manage, track and execute email campaigns, real time updates of the database and ranking of potential buyers.

Contact and service modules enhance and automate repetitive tasks as compilation of phone numbers, email address, social media users and hyper personalize buyer personas profiles, which streamline the sale process.

The sales team can also reduce the workload of doing strenuous reports and projections. Modern CRM offers smart metrics and well-designed reports that show stats for understanding economic income and develop appropriate strategies. Besides, it is possible to implement different workflows with the objective of accelerating the employees’ workforce and Time Management.

By creating and automating electronic archives, Sales and Customer Service teams can say goodbye to endless paperwork of prospects that quickly pile up while they pursue the sales opportunities. Undoubtedly, the automation and AI support of CRM software for sales department imply a significant improvement in production capacities of promoters. After a period using CRM solutions, your company can gain 50% in sales, increase up to 27% of retention rate and establish a consumer satisfaction culture.

# 2 Commercial department

The commercial department is responsible for medium and long-term financial action plans, stock management and control of final products. Without the correct data and updated information on money inflows and outflows, the commercial team cannot trace economic strategies focussed on the growth of the company. In this regard, CRM software has several utilities that optimize the unified operability and cross-department communications.

With a CRM solution, the commercial team receives detailed reports and use automatic workflows that leverage interconnectivity between sales and marketing. In addition, to get the metrics of inflows and outflows of money, they could be able to detect financial leaks, as well as settle revenue patterns.

Sales predictions are easily extrapolated to the annual projections of the commercial department. Productivity reports shed light on budget adjustments that must be done, while the digitalization of files mends communication between departments seemingly different but codependent.

# 3 IT team

One of the most important tasks of the IT department is to monitor and assess the information systems to leverage every corporate process. Although, most of IT teams always handle with performance reports, software CRM resources such as workflows, knowledge database and usability analysis can be translated into essential information about the relationship between employees and company’s technological tools. Also, you can fully understand the productivity needs of each department.

In this way, the technology team can integrate the most appropriate IT solutions according to the level of expertise and specific problem in each sector of the company.

Open source CRM software promotes the adaptability of resources for better usability by the departments involved. As you may know, each company has unique needs and the best way to make the user-machine relationship works is to adapt the solutions to the special requirements of work teams. In this matter, CRM software is an integrative way to start customizing your technology.

# 4 Marketing office

With a Customer Relationship Management software, the marketing team can move faster the buyer’s journey from simple prospects to Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads. In this regard, sales and marketing can join synergies to hyper-personalize middle marketing tactics. This also helps marketing members to understand SQLs’ concerns with the objective of creating more valuable contents.

# 5 Administrative department

At last but not least, the administrative department benefits from the automatic features of CRM by controlling the compliance of SLA, tracking special cases, keeping safe all the important paperwork through digitalization and getting involved in different workflows to leverage project management.

The modules of the CRM allow a panoramic visualization of all the business’ pillars, as well as help managers to take the preventive actions and modify strategies without affecting the gradual company’s growth.


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