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ITSM ToolInvesting in an ITSM tool is an important step towards a successful ITSM implementation. However, the wide range of software solutions offered in the market can make quite confusing the task of choosing a suitable tool. Fortunately, there is a simple way to save time on selecting the best software solution: Asking for expert advice.

Counting on expert advice dramatically improves our decision-making skills. Then, why underestimate the value of professional opinion when choosing our ITSM software solution?

Choosing the right software solution: An essential but not simple task

The implementation of ITSM solutions has become increasingly attractive to lots of organizations around the world. That is why many software leaders have started a race to conquer the market with their own sophisticated ITSM tools.

This has resulted in the launch of multiple software solutions with features for all tastes. As a consequence, the task of choosing the right ITSM tool has become quite complex.

What are the consequences of choosing an ITSM tool that does not suit my organization?

Purchasing an unsuitable ITSM tool can result in:

  • The waste of money, time and other resources.
  • A poor Service Delivery.
  • The proliferation of inefficient processes.
  • A demotivated work team.

A question that cannot be taken lightly: Which ITSM tool is right for me?

ITSM ToolThe leaders in software solutions have concentrated a great effort in offering quality products that enhance users’ experience. However, it is important to understand that these ITSM tools are different from each other, and their effectiveness always depends on each organization’s characteristics and settled objectives.

Of course, ITSM application has inherent purposes. Especially relevant is the implementation of the best practices in IT Service Management and the organization’s workflow improvement through users, information, technology, and processes integration. However, there are factors that go beyond these purposes and fluctuate from company to company.

For example, some organizations may look for an ITSM tool to help them implement ITSM to address staffing, time or budget shortfall. 

On the other hand, others may look for more specific features, such as cloud hosted and ITIL based ITSM tool; or a tool that includes an easy data migration service and a transferable license.

In order to find the best ITSM tool, you will need to ask for a professional opinion. It should come from someone you can ask all the questions you are concerned about; someone qualified to offer you logical and useful answers in record time. In this context, the role of an expert ITSM tool advisor becomes very useful.

What exactly do we mean by “accurate” advice?

Sometimes, the advice you need may come from one of the software developers of the ITSM tool you are interested in. This is very well, as they are the tool designers, and they can provide you with a detailed explanation of their product’s functions. However, you would have to contact every developer of every tool you are interested in before being sure to make the right decision, and this can take a long time.

Plus, with so many multifunctional and ultramodern tools’ overviews, you may be tempted to focus too much on the software and de-emphasize what matters the most: the objectives settled by the organization. Fortunately, there are alternatives that can simplify your search. One of them could be contacting suppliers with a wider range of products.

There are companies allowed to resell different kinds of software solutions. Some of these organizations offer not only tools but also customized solutions. As they commercialize a larger range of products, they are closer to offer you a neutral overview of the ITSM tools they provide.

Regardless of your choice, make sure your ITSM tool advisors include the following features in their service:

  • A team of expert advisors specialized in ITSM.
  • Total assessment.
  • Solutions at the forefront of technology.
  • A staff in constant update.
  • After sales advice.
  • Remote technical support team with an FCR (First Call Resolution) service.
  • Satisfied customers reviews.
  • Coaching service related to ITSM tool operation.
  • If your ITSM advisors commercialize multiple software solutions, make sure they work in coordination with the tool developers.

Accurate advice involves each one of these points. They are all important because they will guarantee you the acquisition of an ITSM tool which proposes a balance between wants and needs. Remember that acquiring your ITSM tool must imply a commitment from the supplier to fulfill your demands. It will be wise to choose the one with the most comprehensive service.

An additional benefit is receiving free advice from a team that is continuously working towards excellence. Find accurate advice, personalized solutions adapted to your budget, and much more here.

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