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things employees expect

Your employees are the other half of your company, they are serving your customers, making sales, working on new projects, and more. Have you ever thought about what they expect from you? 

In previous articles, we talk about the importance of customers for your company, but you cannot concentrate only on them.

Your employees are the ones working side by side with your customers. If your customers receive good service is because of your employees. They are equally important, and it’s your job to make sure both parties are happy.

You can never be too busy to take care of your own employees. 

What’s the worst thing that can happen to your company besides losing customers? Losing good employees. Imagine watching each of your employees leave for a better company…  What would happen if you had known what they expected from you, so you can give it to them? 

Things have changed, and employees’ demands are a big deal now. It’s not enough to offer nice pay, nowadays companies need more not only to attract good talent but to retain it. 

That’s why today we have a list of 7 things your employees expect from you. 

1. Employees expect autonomy 

We get it, it is your company, and you need to know what’s going on with it. But if you hired a person, it’s because you trust in their skills. So, there shouldn’t be a reason for constant checking. It should be enough to assign tasks + deadlines, and your employees can manage it from there. 

Constant second-guessing will make them insecure about their own capacity, and they will lose any motivation. 

2. Employees expect the right tools 

Your company is in the position of providing the right tools for its employees. Remember that a big part of their results depends on having everything they require and more, if possible. Just like customers, employees are aware of all the advantages technology offers for companies. From automation to collaborative apps, there’s so much you can give your employees.

3. Employees expect feedback 

Another thing in common with customers. Yes, your employees also expect feedback from you. And it shouldn’t be difficult to understand. We all appreciate knowing if our performance is good or if we can do better. Taking the time to review your employee’s efforts, and let them know you’re aware of them, will keep their motivation up.

4. Employees expect flexibility 

Flexibility is a key factor: Most employees will choose a job based on this. 

Half of your employees expect flexibility as a permanent matter. We understand that regular working hours are needed, but if you’re seeing good results and things completed on time, there’s no problem with having some flexibility without your team asking for it. They will thank you for this more than you think. 

things employees expect



Flexibility at work traduces to less stress and more productivity. Permanent practices that enable flexible working need to be adopted by all companies.



5. Employees expect growing opportunities

Your employees expect to grow within your company, take on more responsibilities, to be in charge of more things. Therefore, it is also a good idea to design job training plans.

If they feel good about what they are doing and if they feel they are learning and advancing, they will stay… If not, it is only a matter of time until they start to get bored and even frustrated.

You can do an evaluation of their performance every 6 months and see if they are eligible for a promotion so you can keep them motivated. 

We suggest you review their performance every 6 months and see if they are eligible for a promotion so that you can keep them motivated.

6. Employees expect to feel part of something that has a purpose

Like we said before, your company means more than a paycheck. Have you ever wondered why your employees choose your company as their workplace? Maybe they had different job offers to decide from, and they picked you. Perhaps now they are having a better offer with a higher payment in another company, but they’re deciding to stay. But why? 

Because of the bond they had developed. Because they feel part of your company, they belong there. Your company means they have autonomy and flexibility, and it’s a place where they can grow. 

Besides this, employees also need to know their job has a purpose. It doesn’t matter how easy or small any task can be: from responding to an email, or making a big sale. They want and need to know that their work matters. That they aren’t just being paid for doing something.  

things employees expect

The connection between your company and its employees is something very powerful. Providing them with a purpose will lead to higher job satisfaction. 






7. Employees expect you to care

Employees have a personal life besides work. They have feelings, worries, health issues that can be mental, physical, or emotional, and so much more. 

All of these things can affect their work. That’s why your employee’s well-being is something you need to care about.  

Offering activities for stress relief, meditation programs, yoga classes, or sports will make them feel like a valuable thing for your company. 

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