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following up with your customers

following up with your customersCustomer service follow-up is more important than you think. Actually, it is a fundamental part of customer support. Great customer service and experience don’t stop after the sale is done.  It goes on with the purpose of creating a long-lasting relationship with your customers. 

Why do you need to know the importance of customer service follow-up?

You need to understand that this relationship is what will guarantee your sales for the rest of the year and even more.  Using customer service follow-up will outstand your company for its customer support. 

Nobody likes to be left behind, or even worse, nobody likes feeling manipulated. However, this is how customers feel after they made a purchase with your company, and they never hear back from you. Why? Because you’re demonstrating that your only interest was making that sale and no more. In conclusion, there’s a big chance you lost those clients forever. 

A simple follow-up email to check if everything is okay with the purchase is more than enough. The goal is letting your customers know that you care about them. Once this connection is made, your customers will choose you above the competition and will purchase from you again and again. 

Similarly to what we said before, a simple follow-up email or call to check if everything is okay with your customers will establish them as a priority for your company. You’re reaching out to them, you’re taking the first step after the sale is made, you’re getting ahead to solve any problem. You’re communicating! And that gives your company an extra value that your customers will appreciate. 

We love the feeling we get when people show interest in us, and it’s the same way with your customers. 

What are the 2 components of a good relationship? 

Communication and trust. With those, you’ll have everything. And they work together, hand in hand. You’re already providing communication by following up with them, and at the same time, you’re making them trust in you.  

Good customer experience will lead your customers to give you something very valuable that you probably won’t obtain in regular circumstances, and that’s feedback. 

Every customer has a particular opinion about your company, your products, and your services. Things that can help you improve everything you offer, but how can you know all of this? By following up with them. 

following up with your customersOnce the communication is established they will feel more comfortable, and even without asking for feedback they will give it to you. There are endless things your customers can tell you about your company, and the only thing you need to do is following up with them to know more. 

Of course, we expect that the feedback will be positive, but it may happen the other way. That’s okay, the important part is that you know how to use that in your favor by letting the customer know you appreciate the feedback and that you are already working on offering a better service. 

Taking the time to connect with customers is something that most companies usually forget. 

You now know the importance of connecting and following up with your customers, and the benefits this will bring. Every sale you make has to be a good experience for every customer. You are the provider of everything they can possibly need, not only your products or services but also great customer support and attention. They need to feel comfortable enough with your company, so they don’t look somewhere else.  

Did you know that customer service follow up is the most crucial part of your marketing strategy

Yes, it is, but we forget it. So, here are 4 reasons why you need following up with your clients: 

Exceed customers expectations

This is one of the best experiences you can give to your customers. One thing is delivering a good service, that covered their expectations as usual, and the other thing is actually exceeding those. Going beyond expected will give your company a trustworthy, friendly image. And will make your customers fall in love with you even more. 

Having your customers stick with you all year long

There’s nothing more powerful than loyal customers. Once that bond is done, there’s no turning back. By following up with your customers you will make sure that your company is their first choice. No matter what the competition offers them, they will stay loyal. 

Your company will be recognized by its powerful customer service

Understand that you sell more than products or services. In a way you also sell an image that can be good or bad, depending on how easy is for clients to get in touch with you, how friendly is your company, how’s the communication between your customers and your company, how’s the following up process, or do you even have one? All those things build your customer service, and this is something that goes beyond your products. 

following up Improve customer communication 

Making things easier for your customers is one of your main jobs. That’s why offer them all the possible ways of communication, so they feel comfortable enough to give you feedback is a must for your company

By following up with them you will automatically improve communication. Knowing what they want and what they expect is key for your future strategies. 

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