Continuous Network Monitoring: Protect your systems from all fronts

Red de Monitoreo Continuo

Red de Monitoreo Continuo

Picking protection mechanisms for your company is important. Altogether, maintaining protection is also an arduous task for small and medium companies. Continuous Network Monitoring is an automated approach for the security of your company. It allows to measure, analyze and visualize the state of your assets. But what advantages does this kind of monitoring offer? Below, we will know the benefits of this business protection strategy:

Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring updates zero-to-low latency information transmission. It uses vary to many fields to allow a rapid reaction to momentary events. In essence, Real-time monitoring details the constant information to make informed decisions. Thus evaluating failures as they develop.

Real-time monitoring comes in handy in many situations. Datacenter and server management and personnel management are its main focus. But the compilation of statistics and information on services is a very common application.

Analytics Generation in Continuous Network Monitoring

The data collected often has a single purpose focused on server administration. However, this data may come from several sources; many software records, data collected from a router, firewalls, etc. Meanwhile, data extraction comes from Ethernet connections, data controllers, etc.

Real time Monitoring


The real-time monitoring software shows relevant data and customization levels.  In addition, data comes in formats displayed through graphs, number lines, bars or percentages. The visualization of the data is custom to the priorities of the administrator.



SecurityCenter CV

One of the best real-time monitoring platforms today is SecurityCenter CV, from Tenable. It is an integrated security platform focused on all your company’s assets. Additionally, it covers any type of network: traditional, mobile, virtual and cloud environments. One of the advantages offered by SecurityCenter CV is that it combines important data such as network intelligence; Nessus activity logs and own Log correlation engine (LCETM). This way, it offers more advanced analyzes than other security software.

Continuous Network Monitoring and Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence is a computer technology that works with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Network Intelligence systems also handle issues such as Business Intelligence or Packet Analyzers. NI examines in real-time IP packets that communicate with the company’s networks. This way, it identifies the protocols used and extracts content and metadata; then analyzes them with other communication patterns.

However, one of the main uses of Network Intelligence is analyzing the apps used by the network operator. The incorporation of Network Intelligence by digital security providers such as Tenable grows. This is because this technology expands network controls, commercial capabilities, and data mining. The ability to correlate between all data communication vehicles is incredible; it’s what gives Network Intelligence the best tools to improve cybersecurity and IP services.

Cloud Computing

More and more people use the services of the Cloud. From small and medium enterprises, government organizations and individuals enjoy this service. And the truth is, these services are comfortable when storing and verifying information. Yet, finding the correct cloud protection and maintaining it are different tasks. Concerns about security risks, especially because of the multitude of leaks and hacks in recent times make it vital to shield your cloud.

Smart Cloud Protection in Continuous Network Monitoring

It is common to hear the phrase “There is no Cloud 100% secure”. It has become almost a mantra for many, but do we know what exactly are the dangers that lurk on the web? Countless entities try to violate the security of the Cloud. It’s important to understand how they attack; and how providers can defend themselves against them.


Data thieves seek to sell the information they steal for economic purposes. Not only do they steal the company’s bank information; Its aim is everything employee-related. Hackers test their skills violating security systems of companies or public institutions. Although it’s common for companies to use hackers to find vulnerabilities, this is not always the case. Sometimes they end up selling this information to the highest bidder.

Many government organizations and secret services try to access private information. Some agencies do so through a court order, which also makes them a threat to cloud protection. Some cloud service providers allow data access in their terms of use, leaving many companies unprotected. The low transparency of these suppliers forces companies to use private protection services.

Fighting threats

The main challenge in protecting the cloud is the management of employee access data. Central user administration to access the cloud is more common as it speeds up the workflow. This “multiclouding” requires special attention; the bigger the company, the more complicated it is to maintain security.

Though new, Continuous Network Monitoring is one of the best ways to protect the Cloud from any attack. As a tool, it mitigates malware risks by providing real-time situational awareness of network activity. The critical transparency offered by Tenable is the strongest asset for its service. Tenable can show enhanced network security to prevent problems in any network transaction in a customer’s account.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this tool, do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we offer the best in the market, and we offer you a team of professionals located on your way to a more efficient IT environment.

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