Real-Time Incident Management Is A Must And We Explain Why

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We have an important question for you: Does your company count on a real-time incident management service? If the answer is no, you need to read this. 

Real-Time Incident Management Is A Must

Real-Time Incident ManagementAny unplanned interruption of your IT services is an incident. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a temporary failure. When something it’s causing changes in your company operations you’re facing an incident that needs real-time management.  In other words, all the responses following an incident need to be immediate, that’s why real-time incident management is a must for your company. 

 We use instant communication all the time, for instance with things that are not urgent or important, for instance, social media interactions. So it’s normal that we expect fast responses for everything.   

 Thanks to technology, IT incidents can be managed in real-time. As soon as the incident is discovered, all the communication processes and the following procedures are activated.  

Incorporating real-time incident management for your company is a necessity. 

Having software designed to manage real-time incidents is a must for your company. You never know when a failure can happen, and you need to be prepared. There’s no need for suffering an IT incident for you being aware of them.  Providing an instant response to these situations will guarantee an easier decision-making process. As a result, your team will respond in a proactive and effective way.

All the actions companies must take, such as prioritizing the safety of devices, determining the next steps, and strategies modifications are crucial and need to be managed in real-time. 

3 things that your real-time incident management software will do for your company: 

Real-Time Incident Management

  • Reduce the impact of incidents.
  • Provide instant response and actions. 
  • Help you continue with the regular operations in your company.



All the strategies, procedures, protocols and corrective actions you need to take after an incident will be provided by your software and none like Freshservice. 

Freshservice’s incident management module provides features that enable admins to pick up tickets, delegate tasks, and organize problems into separate buckets. Any incident will be managed as soon as detected in real-time. The most innovative feature of its incident management module is the ticketing solution were service requests are never misplaced, and conversations never fall through the cracks.

If you’re looking to get real-time incident management Freshservice is your best choice. 

Thanks to the ticketing solution you can prioritize the ticket and assign it to an admin who is qualified to help with the incident, and you can also add notes to remind yourself about the status.  

Above all, an incident can be from an employee’s email login difficulty to an email server outage. Whatever the incident is you’ll see a complete timeline of every activity related to it. Business disruption can cause a negative impact on your customers, affecting your company image and reputation. Don’t let it happen. 

We have witnessed the biggest companies suffering from huge incidents, and even cyberattacks. Almost nobody is safe of these vulnerabilities, the important part of this what comes after, that is: how you recover from that. 

The way your company reacts to an incident involves speed and of course, proper management of the situation. These two factors are what matter the most. Why? Speed will help you take action right away. Management will maintain your company in a good or in a bad position. 

 Customer support is one of the biggest challenges for companies.

Incident Management

Serving your customers in the best way possible is a priority. In addition, real-time customer support is one of the  2020 customer support trends you need to follow, therefore real-time incident management has to be a must too.


We are living in a digital world where communication is immediate. It doesn’t matter if you’re in one continent and the other person you’re talking is in another because you are communicating in real-time. Access to different channels of communication such as social media, videos, websites, live chats and more have changed the customer’s behavior. As a result, they now expect immediate responses to everything, and that includes customer support and access to your company services. The regular quality of service and operations that your company provides is what makes your customers choose you.

Real-time incident management will reduce the backlog between the moment the incident is detected to the actions taken to restore operations.   

Your clients will be the first to benefit real-time incident management.

Having happy customers is the main goal of every company, with real-time incident management you can satisfy them. Of course, your customers won’t be the only ones to benefit from this. Your employees and your company too. 

Freshservice and Gb Advisors offers you a real-time incident management service.  We specialize in the development of integral technical solutions to solve business problems. Our team is waiting to help you, contact us now. 

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