Why An Omnichannel Strategy Will Change Your Company For Good

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omnichannel strategyHave you ever heard of an omnichannel strategy? If you don’t you need to keep reading this. Omnichannel strategies are a must for companies because they allow you to integrate communication into different channels.  The only purpose of this strategy is giving your customers a completely personalized experience; so they can develop a special connection with your company.

With this strategy, you’ll have your customers reaching out to you in all the ways technology provides; such as email, social media, live chat, video calls, and more. “Omni” stands for “in all places”, and if being in all places is not the goal of your company what is it?

Why An Omnichannel Strategy Will Change Your Company For Good

Years ago customer support wasn’t even considered important, its access was very limited for most of the companies. However today things have changed a lot, customers demands support adapted to their needs. It’s not enough to offer a multichannel strategy where all parts work separately. In an omnichannel strategy, all the parts are connected, working simultaneously. From the person who is talking to your customers via live chat, to the people working in your store. 

Your company’s goal is to be with every client in every aspect they need. There are all kinds of situations that can happen to customers. Not having a computer right away, losing access to their emails, not using social media, etc. What matters is that your company becomes available in all the places your customers require.  

It is known that the majority of customers start shopping on their smartphones however, they finish the purchase on another device such as their computer or vice versa, and in some cases, they ended going to the physical store. Sometimes they see an item in the store but prefer to shop online. There are endless situations that can happen, and they all depend on customer decisions.

Did you know that before a purchase can happen, the customers spent a considerable amount of time doing their own research? 

omnichannel strategyThey check your website, your social media, your online reviews, compare products and prices, what type of customer support your company offers and more. And all those channels must be aligned, working together offering the best customer support, and showing that the structure of your company is successful and reliable. 


  Omnichannel strategies are a win-win situation because you’re giving your customers the attention they want, and you’re obtaining multiple interactions, insights, client’s data and of course more sales.

When you’re giving them an omnichannel service you’re also engaging a long term relationship that will benefit your company in the future.  

This is also a great way to improve your company internal process; rather than having all the different departments working isolated, an omnichannel strategy will make you integrate into different places at the same time.

in addition, you will have your physical store, your online store, your customer support and your social media profiles working simultaneously offering unified customer experience.        

Giving a consistent brand experience is the ultimate goal for any company.

The normal boundaries that exist between different areas of a company and the competition for getting more customers or sales will no longer be an issue; thanks to the integration provided off an omnichannel strategy. 

From healthcare to retail and finances, they are all using omnichannel strategies to improve customer support. The healthcare industry is integrating data with technology and communication, for patients can access their results through digital channels. The financial industry developed integrated transactions through ATMs, the web, and mobile applications. 

Inventories are a big part of retail stores, thanks to omnichannel strategies they can know availability and visibility between stores.

An online experience must be as good as the regular store experience. A customer support experience must be as good as having a customer support agent next to your client. Your goal is having them as comfortable as possible. Receiving the same quality of service and attention at any channel.

That is what an omnichannel strategy is about. Building a bridge between all your company components for they can deliver a remarkable experience for your customers. 



For your omnichannel strategy can be successful all the processes, communications,  and all the staff needs to be on the same page. In other words, making your customers experience so enjoyable that they always wish to come back.



In conclusion, you need your team working together as one. All of them with the same level of importance and responsibility will make your company working environment a better one. The personal credits for “getting the sale” will disappear, and you’ll have happy customers and happy employees as well.   

Did you know that there are software designed to work with omnichannel strategies?

Freshdesk allows you to manage all your support conversations in one place: tickets via email, phone channel, live chat, Facebook, Twitter and more. All your different channels working together thanks to the Freshdesk integration that also includes CRM systems, invoicing tools, eCommerce solutions and everything to help you manage your customer support. 

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