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Collaboration apps are here to stay. If you’re still not familiarized with these tools, we tell you everything you need and more. 

Communication is a necessity in every aspect of our lives. Good communication is a key factor in every company. But what happens when we have several people working together on a single project? What will be the best way of having good communication between all of them?

With a collaboration app. And not only for good communication, but this will also help you boost your team productivity. 

Why you need a collaboration app to boost your team productivity

A collaboration app allows all your company employees to work together on different projects or tasks. Regardless of where they are, with a collaboration app communication is always available. 

When all the parts of the same company work together, as a team, the results obtained will improve automatically. Unfortunately, one of the most common problems we found is that each department is used to working individually. This prevents teamwork, and at the same time affects communication between departments, which will also affect future results. 

Companies must embrace teamwork, good communication, and integration between all their employees.

And using a collaboration app is the best way of doing this. Why? We work better, and we communicate better when we can see what we are working on. It is even better when all the people involved in the project can see what everyone is doing before, during, and after the project is finished. 

Having access to the work in progress in all its stages is great for the organization, plus it delivers higher engagement levels between your employees and your company, promoting teamwork and obtaining successful results. 

Collaboration apps are now a necessity for every company

Either because you have part of your team working remotely, or because your company is constantly growing, by using a collaboration app you’ll have all the components you need working together at the same place. 

Thanks to collaboration apps, your team’s office can be pretty much anywhere as long as they have a computer and Internet. This also helps boost your team’s productivity

Still not convinced about requiring a collaboration app? Keep reading.

Your meetings are endless and at the same time useless. 

 collaboration app

Let’s face it. Most of the work meetings are a complete waste of time. With that being said, let’s move on to this important question: why? 

Well, 90% of the things that are said in meetings can be said via email, chat, a collaboration app, or any other way that’s not a meeting. For some reason we have this idea of having constant meetings to discuss “important things”, check progress, and assign tasks and all of those can be managed with a collaboration app. 

You don’t know the status of your company projects.

Keeping track of everything happening in your company, and asking every single one of your employees for their progress, is exhausting. How many emails, or phone calls will you have to do? This is why you need a collaboration app. 

It’s normal having several people working on a single project, the hard part is following up with the progress of each of them. With a collaboration app, you can easily know every stage of the project process, the updates, the struggles, deadlines, and more. 

You want everything in one place. 

One of the most common problems employees face at work is learning how to use multiple tools, software, and more. Thanks to collaboration apps, you can have everything your team requires in just one place: from sharing documents to generating reports and even gaining time and boosting productivity.

You want to keep up with new trends. 

These days, companies need to offer their clients the most advanced service they can get. Technology keeps offering us new updates, and clients are becoming more and more demanding. This is why your company has to keep up with everything that’s trending, and collaboration apps are one of those things. 

 Having modern work practices such as collaboration apps will help your employees do their work efficiently.

You keep getting more and more emails. 

We know: email is the most common way of communication for business, but the reality is that we spend a lot of time checking our inboxes and responding to emails that can be easily managed using a collaboration app. By using this, your inbox will not be saturated with unnecessary emails telling you about every change and update in the work project. Instead, you can simply go to the collaboration app and check all the progress in real-time. 

You want better decision-making. 

Collaboration apps use the cloud to store all the data and information. Thanks to this, every team member can access all the information anywhere and anytime. Not only that, but they can also share updates, leave suggestions, and inform about changes or problems in real-time. All these possibilities will lead to better decision-making for the simple fact of having the right information. 

 With a collaboration app, you’re providing your employees with everything they need to do their work in the best way possible 

You want a more friendly working environment. collaboration app

We previously mentioned the importance of receiving feedback from your clients. But what about the feedback from the people working in your company? Collaboration apps enable feedback naturally. They provide an instant sense of teamwork where all the parts connect with each other by sharing their ideas and following up with all the stages. 

Thanks to Freshservice work, collaboration is now a reality for your company. We understand that collaboration is fundamental, and that’s why Freshservice integrates with Slack and Trello, the most used collaboration apps. You can now manage all your projects, communicate with your team members, and keep track of all the things happening in your company. 

Gb Advisors offers you the best ITSM tools, making your work easier and boosting your team productivity. We have the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us now.  

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