Tips To Improve Your Daily Workflows

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daily workflowsEvery company and every worker use workflows. But, are these workflows efficient? Do they really help people in the company do their job? Improve your daily workflows can optimize your company, your employees’ work, and the results you’re obtaining. Workflows use automation for connecting all the different processes and employees in a company; so that everything is included in a pre-established order.

Today companies face the challenge of doing more and more in less time, customers demand immediate responses, and the number of tasks increases constantly as well. 

Why improving your daily workflows is fundamental for the accomplishment of all your company goals? Easy because with good workflows you earn efficiency and speed. From delivering good customer support to optimize the internal process… Organization and technology are the two key parts of workflows, by having them integrated you will obtain better results for your company. And that is not all, there are other things you can do, and they have nothing to do with technology. Keep reading and learn more. 

Tips To Improve Your Daily Workflows 

Do the most complicated tasks first

Let’s say you have a super busy week: many tasks to do, meetings, deadlines, etc. How can you improve your daily workflows? Simple: Do the difficult tasks first; knowing how to prioritize your tasks by level of difficulty will help you to power through the rest of your tasks with ease. Once you’re finished with the hard part, you can now focus on the rest with a calm mind. 

Take breaks

productivityThis may seem easy to say but not so easy to do. Taking breaks will automatically improve your daily workflows because it will clear your mind, and will help you focus. Some people refuse to take breaks because they think that it will make them lose the path of what they were doing, this can happen, but only if the break is longer than 1 hour.





The secret of taking breaks to improve your daily workflows is kept them short: a 20-30 minutes break is more than enough to clear your mind.  


Stay away from your phone 

Phones are in our hands all the time, and we know they are an important tool in everyone’s lives, but when you’re working, the best thing you can do is stay away from it. Phones are a big distraction in all the possible ways: taking photos, checking our social media, texts, calls and more. Even if you’re not actually using it you probably check it every 30 seconds (the average time people spend on their phones is over 3 hours per day).

Putting your phone on silence mode and maintaining it far from your sight will improve your daily workflows because you’re removing the distraction. As a result, you will execute your tasks in less time and you will make fewer mistakes. 

Say no to multitasking 

Multitasking is normally seen as a good ability: the more tasks you can do at the same time the better. But the reality is multitasking is one of the main causes of inefficiency at work. When you’re doing something, even simple tasks, you need focusing fully on that and nothing else; in other words, your brain will work better and faster if you work on one task at the time, and your results will also improve.

Use tools 

Using a cloud-based collaboration tool will automate your IT tasks to speed up your daily workflows. Freshservice offers you advanced ticketing and asset management capabilities, with an intuitive User Interface that will help your employees to start taking advantage of the tool since the very beginning. From your customers to your inside teams Freshservice enables companies to run more efficiently, reducing mistakes and optimizing all your processes. Its functionalities include asset and incident management, mobile app, service catalog, knowledge base and more. 

Track your time 

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Knowing how much time you spend on every task allows you to make better decisions in all the areas of your work, in conclusion, you’ll see a transformation in the way you used to do things because you will get important information about your internal processes. 




Keep the meetings short

Endless meetings are every employee nightmare. Especially the ones that come out of the blue interfering in your team time. Daily meetings are another good example of an inefficient workflow. If you already assigned everyone a task and established a deadline, there’s no need of having a daily meeting to check what? Progress? You can check that without calling a meeting! Try to keep meetings short and only for very specific cases. Don’t make them a daily thing on your workflow. 

As a business owner, you need to understand the importance of improving your daily workflows:  Workflows help automate and gain efficiency in all the departments of your company; minimizing errors and increasing productivity. 

All your employees will work better, the organization will become more simple, taking decisions will be easier, and tasks will take less time to complete. 

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