5 things your customers expect from you4 min read

things customers expect

things customers expect


Customers know what they want, and they expect it from you. There are no boundaries when it comes to good customer support. Whatever you may think is good, there’s already a better option or service. That’s why customers have the biggest expectations and it’s your job to fulfil those. 



Customer support is a huge part of any company. Your customers can make you or break you, and there are still people who don’t pay enough attention to this! Trust me, if you want your company going big, you need even bigger and greater customer support. 

Everything relays in what your customers expect from you

90% of customers won’t return to your company if they experienced bad service. It doesn’t matter if your products or prices are really good, they will prefer going somewhere else instead of having a bad experience again.  

We get it: no one likes receiving a bad treatment when you’re paying for something! You own your customers not only a good product but also a good service. They expect more than ever from you. As we said, they won’t mind paying more or going farther for a better service. Without question, they will compare your service with any other service they received, even if we’re talking about a restaurant and a retail store, or a particular vendor and an online store. 

Thanks to technology customers now know what great customer support is about. And they will make their choice based on that. 

Customer support is what defines your company. 

Have you ever thought about what your customers expect and what is actually delivered to them? 

1. Customers expect you to meet and exceed their expectations 

Let’s explain it like this: When you meet their expectations you’re doing a decent job, you’re giving them what they want and nothing else. They are okay with that and there are 50% of chances they will shop you again. When you exceed their expectations you’re: taking them by surprise, you’re going beyond what they expected, you’re giving them something else. How do you think they feel about that? They love it! Now they know you care about them, now they feel they can trust you, and there are 100% of chances they will shop you again and again, and even recommend your services to other people.

2. Customers expect easier and multiple ways of contacting you

One of the things that involve good customer support is making things easier for your customers. If you want a closer relationship with them, you will also need different channels for that. Your customers need to contact you in all the ways possible: email, social media, live chat, video calls, and more. Remember that all your customers are different, and they don’t share the same demands. That’s why part of your job is offering them the easiest and simple way of being in touch with you.

3. Customers expect immediate responses

This is related to point #2. The communication in different platforms doesn’t stay there. Once you’re offering this you also need to respond in the least amount of time possible. Why would you offer customer support via email when you take 5 days to respond? Or why are you making your customer wait in a phone call for hours? Your customer time is valuable. It doesn’t make sense having 1 or multiple channels of communication when you can’t give quick and effective responses. Did you know that using an omnichannel strategy will resolve all these problems?

4. Customers expect a personalized experience 

things customers expect

Personalization is the other half of good customer support. We all fall for a personalized service or experience. But why? Because we feel noted! We feel like we are more than just a customer. Referring to your customers by their names, taking the time to really know their needs and building a long term relationship with them will benefit your company by securing the sales for a longer time and by having a strong bond between your customers and your company.  


5. Customers want you being proactive 

Most customers feel that companies are not proactive enough when it comes to the process of following up with them. So don’t wait for your customers to reach out asking questions. Instead, take the lead and show them your interest. Follow the process from the moment they purchase and don’t stop there. Send emails asking if the product is okay, offer them help before they ask you, make a call just to remind them you’re there.  All these things add extra value to your customer service.


things customers expect


With Freshdesk you have the chance of exceeding your customers expectations, communicating with them in multiple ways, giving them quick responses and personalized service.  This ITSM tool is one of the best solutions Gb Advisors has for your needs. Want to know more about it? Contact us now. 

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