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Trends in digital security

In additionTrends in digital securityThroughout the year 2019, there was an increase in the use of blockchain technology in security trends. This is a clue not only of the importance of this technology; Above all it tells you where the market is moving and how good it is to invest or learn so that our company stays updated. It is clear: blockchain will revolutionize operations and processes in many industries and government agencies.


But, its adoption requires time and effort in acquiring the necessary skills to maintain it; Traditional companies, for example, will have to completely reconsider their processes to reap greatest benefits.  Most experts predict cryptography will have a gradual evolution over the next few years. It is unlikely that new technology, safer than this, will develop that can overcome it.

One of the most discussed trends in digital security at the end of 2019 was the Blockchain as a service (BaaS). It is a new Blockchain technique with a simple format; to allow users to develop digital products based on the cloud, but with Blockchain technology. We talk about a wide variety of products such as smart contracts; Decentralized applications or services that can operate without infrastructure requirements.

BaaS and Federal Networks

It is the most requested and popular network today, so its use will increase in 2020 as security trends. It is ideal for business systems, associations, and even government systems. They are different from Public networks because public participation is not open; but they differ from the Private ones since a certain number of companies or organizers administer the network. This allows maintaining synchronized copies of the registry, increasing security. They grant access through a web interface; average or common users have access to this interface, which prevents them from sharing copies of the chain. Because it is a network that allows monitoring a large number of transactions at the same time, it is ideal for financial companies or health companies.

Federal Networks are the most popular in security trends due to their levels of customization. It is an improved form of the basic blockchain model; ideal for many specific use cases assigning control to preselected nodes. Said selected group will confirm the block to process the transactions.

Market coexistence

Many experts claim that new technologies are leaning towards coexistence. There is no longer such a linear career when it comes to developing better cryptography technologies; The platforms support each other to overcome and improve their protocols. New protocols that attempt to enter the market must prove their value and use in specific environments. A theme in security trends of 2020 and beyond may be the growth of interoperability. The ability of the new platforms to allow people to use many blockchains is incredible.

Priority: Trends in Cloud SecurityBlockchain

More and more companies are using the cloud to store their information. According to Forbes, 83% of business work information will be in the cloud by 2020. This means that there is more and more information vulnerable to attacks targeting these services. Something to take into account is that cloud security begins with good configuration.

Companies must focus on configuring their security systems so that they cannot be violated.

A large part of cloud security flaws depends on the client. From the correct application of security patches to monitoring work, constantly updating everything. Services like SecurityCenterCV offers excellent monitoring plans and anti-error systems for Cloud protection.

Asset Detection will be crucial

The detection of assets implies maintaining control of the assets and inactive assets present in our networks. Many experts point out that, starting in 2020, this point will become of vital importance for companies; maintaining control over the detection of useful assets. Many tools used generally analyze asset groups and identify the relationships between their use, the network, and the devices. This means that the better an asset management solution adapts to the workflow, the more value it will provide to an organization.

These values ​​are linked to metadata; but not to those that come from network or data traffic; but to asset entries through mass import, automatic update, etc. Tools such as AlienVault, focused on the detection of assets, will become relevant from this year on the natural environment of companies.

Trends in Network Security and Strengthening2020

In general, 2020 will be a prosperous year in security trends. Yet, this translates into a significant increase in attacks; their improvement and the quality of the malware. Many companies are already working with Cyber ​​Exposure Platforms that cover several threat fronts.



These platforms are cloud-based tools; they bring together vulnerability management, web application scanning, and container security, which makes them very complete. These platforms not only allow you to end blind spots and vulnerabilities in assets; therefore protecting the cloud as well as web applications, mobile devices, and containers. They are adaptable to more complex activities and allow you to perform all tasks simply and efficiently. In addition, the integration to complementary systems of the company allows, besides, to expand its reach: administration of patches, password vaults, and MDM solutions so secured thanks to these tools.

Tenable is the most complete and recommended Cyber ​​Exposure Platform in the market. There is talk or only of cost reduction; reducing consumption to only one unit of license per asset, maintenance and simplifying executions.

If you have an interest in receiving more information about this tool, do not hesitate to contact us. At GB Advisors we offer the best in the market and we put at your disposal a team of professionals to tell you and go with you on your way to a more efficient IT environment.

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