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Like many other business software, CRMs have also been enhanced by integrating Artificial Intelligence. AI-powered CRMs are comprehensive solutions that have the potential to improve your productivity and efficiency significantly.

These systems use AI to provide advanced analytics, automate tasks, and personalize the customer experience, which can take your customer relationship management to a new level.

But, in a market saturated with options, how can you choose the right CRM for your business? To help you with this task, in this blog we will explore three of the best Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered CRMs that we recommend.

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AI-powered-CRMs Freshsales

Freshsales is a sales-focused CRM that gives you a single view of the customer. This unified view enables you to deliver optimal experiences and close deals faster. Like all Freshworks digital solutions, AI and powerful automation tools drive them. These tools lighten the team’s workload, so they can focus on selling and not on repetitive and administrative activities.

Of the AI-powered CRMs on the market, Freshworks stands out for its affordability and ease of use.

Freshsales Features

Automate sales processes: You can create “if-then” rules based on field properties. This way, you can trigger a sequence of actions under specific conditions. Choose from a multitude of options:

  • Task creation.
  • Sending emails/SMS.
  • Reminders.
  • Field updates.
  • Assigning records.
  • Webhooks triggers.

And many more. You can also choose from existing preset templates to make your team’s job easier.

Contact Scoring: Freshsales with its AI helps you identify and prioritize those prospects that are most sales-ready. These are done with scores assigned by an intelligent system, based on positive and negative indicators.

Deal information: AI analysis allows you to predict deal closings. The AI makes these projections based on historical sales, engagement, and activity data.

Next Best Action: Freshsales’ intelligent suggestions help you detect whether the prospect is available or out of the office. It also helps you manage agendas, reschedule appointments, and set tasks.

Sales Forecasting: Estimates your sales performance and revenue, targeting high-intent deals using previous sales data.

Reports and Dashboards: With Freshsales you can keep up to date by tracking key metrics through its visual reports and dashboards. These can be predefined or customized.

Sales Reporting: Finally, this AI-powered CRM keeps you on top of team performance and helps you identify potential obstacles with detailed reports on sales cycle, velocity, and activities.

Monday Sales CRM 

AI-powered-CRMs monday

Monday Sales CRM is a product that optimazes many aspects of the sales process. While its AI-driven features are in beta, its automation and functionalities improve agent workflow.

Visually, it is a favorite of many. Especially when its user-friendly and modern interface is backed by a robust, agile, and efficient interface.

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Monday Sales CRM Features

This system gives you the ability to unify and monitor all interactions with your customers:

  • Integrate your Gmail/Outlook account to send and receive emails directly from the platform.
  • Receive automatic notifications every time a potential customer opens or responds to one of your emails, allowing you to follow up on their interest.
  • Use customized email templates that automatically populate with the contact’s data, optimizing your time.
  • Record all prospects or actions related to them, such as calls, meetings, notes, and more, to keep a detailed record of communication.

You can also monitor your team’s performance and organize your data:

  • Complete visibility into your operations in real-time with customizable dashboards. Easily track the progress of sales opportunities, sales figures, and team performance.
  • You’ll be able to establish the value of sales opportunities and the probability of closing. And then use detailed reports to track projected and actual sales, providing a breakdown by month, sales rep, and more.
  • Manage your team’s goals over time, track their achievements, and visualize all the data, whether for specific members or the entire team.

All of this is powered with Monday’s AI that will provide you with functionalities such as:

Automatic task generation: This feature, available on all dashboards, allows users to generate project plans based on their specific inputs and objectives.

Summarize and rephrase: Monday’s AI wizard can distill complex topics into concise summaries, rephrase content and highlight key action items to improve focus and productivity.

Monday Docs: Jump-start your documentation with AI. The AI feature can generate document templates to help you jump-start your work.

Formula Builder: Define your tasks or team objectives to the AI, and it will generate a formula to increase efficiency in completing tasks.

Create updates and quick responses: Leverage AI to quickly create and respond in the updates section of any item.


AI-powered-CRMs Vtiger

Vtiger is a CRM solution known as “all-in-one” because it covers sales, marketing, and support. This solution allows organizations to centralize their information and improve their decision-making processes.

Its functionalities are extensive, but we can condense them into the three main areas it manages:

  • The management of Marketing activities is done across all channels. With Vtiger you get a perfect alignment between the marketing and sales departments, obtaining a unified and comprehensive view of the customer.
  • In Sales you can access advanced lead routing, detailed segmentation, and integrations with the tools your sales team already uses. You can create customized playbooks and track the progress of your strategies, using advanced automation.
  • Support teams have access to a complete view of all transactions the customer has made with the organization. This enables a better understanding of their needs and a more effective response to their requirements.

All of this is powered by your own artificial intelligence called Calculus AI and the integration of GPT.

What is Vtiger Calculus and the GPT feature?

Vtiger Calculus is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based tool designed to optimize and improve customer service operations. This tool uses the vast amount of data accumulated in the system to automatically generate effective advice and solutions.

On the other hand, the GPT function within Vtiger Calculus understands and processes human natural language. In the context of Calculus, this feature helps sales, marketing, and support teams to interact more effectively with their customers.

Vtiger Calculus AI Features

  • Query and get instant answers or recommendations on a wide range of topics.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your email communications with GPT. Compose and refine email subject lines and content to provide more relevant and satisfying responses.
  • Explore the quality of your interactions with detailed email and call analytics.
  • Gain valuable insights through specialized dashboards.
  • Improve your customer management with Calculus, monitoring actions taken on customer records. AI suggests the next best step to optimize the sales process.


In short, AI-powered CRMs have become indispensable allies for improving customer relationships. These solutions optimize your interactions with customers and significantly improve the efficiency of sales processes.

Thanks to their detailed analytics and personalization, AI-powered CRMs make it easier for companies to anticipate their customers’ needs. Thus, they can strengthen retention and cultivate customer loyalty, all crucial factors for business growth.

Among the CRM options we discuss today, each has unique advantages and features. But remember that the ideal choice for your company lies in your specific needs and processes.

If you are considering which CRM would be best for your company or if you require free advice, contact us. We’re here to help you grow and thrive on your path to business excellence. 😊

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