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monday sales CRM vs. HubSpot

To make it easier for you to decide which sales CRM software to choose to improve the workflows associated with this area in your organization, we bring you this comparison between two of the most powerful sales CRM software today:  

Monday sales CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub.  

However, before we begin, we have a question for you:  

Do you already know what the sales CRM software should have to meet the needs associated with this area?

What to consider when choosing a sales CRM software

Below, we compare Monday sales CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub under the criteria that make the task of a sales CRM software stand out in any organization.   

Sales CRM Software: Monday Sales CRM vs. HubSpot Sales Hub   

How will we compare these two CRMs for sales? By following the following parameters:  

  • Automation  
  • Personalization  
  • Reporting  
  • Integration  

Monday Sales CRM Automation Capabilities  

As far as automation is concerned, monday sales CRM allows you to deploy around 250 thousand automations per month in sections that include:   

  • Notifications 
  • Status change 
  • Deadlines 
  • Item management (creation and movement of items) 
  • Sub-elements 
  • Dependencies between elements and sub-elements  

There are two options for users:  

Either you can create automations from scratch, 100% customized to the needs of the area that will be using the tool.   

Or you can also choose from the pre-established templates provided by    

HubSpot Sales Hub Automation Capabilities  

HubSpot Sales Hub also gives you the ability to automate workflows.   

The downside? It only offers a total of 1000 automations per month.  

However, it lets you choose from workflow templates or custom automations you can make from scratch.   

Regarding automated workflows, HubSpot Sales Hub divides the presets into:   

  • Marketing 
  • Operations 
  • Sales  

In case you want to create your workflow from scratch, you can also create your templates based on:  

  • Contacts  
  • Companies 
  • Tickets 
  • Quotes 
  • Conversations 
  • Comments 
  • Goals   

Which is the Best Sales CRM Software In Terms of Automation?  

Although monday sales CRM and HubSpot Sales Hub allow you to bring automation to your sales area, the best sales CRM software in this aspect will be the one that provides the most freedom when automating processes.  

automatizaciones crm para ventas

In this regard, while HubSpot only provides around 1,000 automations per month, monday sales CRM offers you up to 250,000 automations per month.   

Also, beyond the user-friendliness of its interfaces to automate tasks or workflows -every tool has a learning curve- what’s important here is to have no limits on how many processes you can automate. 

Only then you’ll be able to test the true potential of this resource in your actual processes.    

Monday Sales CRM Customization Capabilities 

A sales CRM software that is easy to customize helps to adapt the appearance and usability of the tool to the needs of the teams that will use it.   

Monday sales CRM centers on dashboards where users should be able to access the information they need about the area through columns.   

You have two options, pre-made dashboards templates or dashboards created from scratch to suit the user’s sales pipeline.   

Moreover, you can use customized items and sub-items displayable on these dashboards using columns.   

The view of all this information is also customizable; you will have five view settings, from table to Kanban, file, form, or even cards.   

HubSpot Sales Hub Customization Capabilities  

As for the customization that HubSpot Sales Hub offers, users can configure the data structure that appears according to parameters preset by the platform.   

However, the types of columns in the panels are static and fixed, so you will not be able to customize them to adapt them to your use case. 

Besides, it does not contemplate sub-items within these panels, which limits your actions when adapting the tool to your sales pipeline.   

Which is the Most Customizable Sales CRM Software?  

In this section, we could conclude that the best sales CRM software is monday sales CRM. 

However, this conclusion focuses on two aspects: 

  • Tool usability.
  • Freedom of customization the tool offers.   

Monday sales CRM offers an intuitive user experience, 100% configurable, without needing an API. Could we say that monday sales CRM is a “plug-and-play” tool? Yes, because its features make it so. 


monday sales crm software customization

On the other hand, HubSpot Sales Hub also gives access to features any sales team needs to optimize its operations. 

However, this platform requires a higher level of configuration than monday sales CRM before it is ready to go.

In addition, it does not offer the same ability to customize views that are available to you in monday sales CRM.  

This can become an issue when adapting the tool to the user’s processes. To achieve this, you will depend on API integrations (which means more time and resources in configuration).  

Monday Sales CRM Reporting and Monitoring Capabilities  

In this section, monday sales CRM allows you to use different dashboards with customizable graphics.  

For the dashboards, you can use specific views managed through a widget.   

What does this dashboard widget allow you to do in monday sales CRM?   

  • Choose preset charts. 
  • Create charts from scratch: (bar, stacked, line, pie). 
  • Apply filters to the information in each chart to display specific values. 

And, what’s more interesting, users can customize any chart they use. What can they customize? From colors, information to display, order of the values, add reference dimensions and cumulative data, or calculations (sum, average, mean, minimum, maximum).  

What can you monitor in monday sales CRM?   

With monday sales CRM you will be able to monitor team performance. In addition, you will be able to manage resources, the progress of leads in the sales pipeline, or even the financial aspects of the area.   

Moreover, if you need to share information with external collaborators, you will be able to export the graphs in the following formats:  

  • PDF  
  • PNG  
  • JPEG  
  • SVG 
  • CSV 
  • Physical (printed)  

You can also share them through links or embed them on the web through code.  

HubSpot Sales Hub Reporting and Monitoring Capabilities  

In regards to reporting and monitoring, HubSpot Sales Hub is no slouch.   

What does it allow you to do? With this HubSpot module, you will have access to analytics tools on:  

  • Sales  
  • Traffic  
  • Sales content  
  • Contact analytics 
  • Custom behavioral events (integrating the Marketing Hub module)  

In addition, users can create custom dashboards and reports from scratch or established templates, all through a native HubSpot builder.   

All these reports and dashboards created will be able to cover areas such as the activity of recent contacts, interaction with blogs or landing pages, and interactions with email marketing, among others.   

Finally, in terms of information accessibility, users can share all reports and dashboards through email, Slack integration, or, in the case of reports, through CSV files.  

What is the best sales CRM software in terms of performance monitoring?  

Regarding performance monitoring, there seems to be a tie here. Why? Because both sales CRM software helps you monitor sales performance extensively.   

Both CRMs offer the possibility of creating dashboards and reports on the information you need: from scratch or from templates already pre-established by the platforms.   

If you want to send reports to any interested party, with both tools you can automate the sending of reports via email. And if you prefer, you can also export them to share them via a link with external parties.   

Monday Sales CRM Integration Capabilities  

The API is the solution for those organizations that want to have full control when integrating the platform with the software they already use.   

Built on GraphQL, this API embraces the flexibility and agility of GraphQL by using a single endpoint (it can be a REST endpoint or any other architecture) to get the exact amount of information needed at any given time.    

In addition, gives you access to a marketplace with more than 200 apps specifically designed to complement the platform’s capabilities.   

HubSpot Sales Hub Integration cCpabilities  

As for HubSpot’s integration with other applications, your users will be able to enjoy, as with monday sales CRM, an application marketplace with around 300 apps ready to integrate with the platform.   

However, if a further layer of integration customization is required, HubSpot has a REST API to help users tailor the tool to their aesthetic and functional needs.   

What Is The Most Integrable Sales CRM Software?  

When it comes to the most integrable CRM for sales in this comparison, it looks like we have another tie. 

Why? Because both tools allow you to rely on proprietary application marketplaces, where users can choose the tools they want to integrate with just a few clicks.  

integrations monday sales CRM software

The difference in this category arises from the number of applications offered in their respective marketplaces. While monday sales CRM offers 200 integrations, HubSpot offers 100 more (300 applications).  

On the other hand, if you have the technical knowledge available in your company to make integrations using APIs, both tools offer powerful APIs to take any integration to the next level.  

In this regard, the difference lies in the use cases that can take full advantage of its capabilities.   

While HubSpot (like most) uses a REST API, which is ideal for use cases with low levels of complexity, uses an API built on GraphQL, which makes it a perfect API for use cases with large scale and high levels of complexity, without impacting performance.


Now that you know, in theory, how both sales CRM software responds in terms of:  

  • Automation  
  • Personalization 
  • Reporting 
  • Integration  

You can ask yourself the following question to determine which of the two is best:  

 “Which of the two best suits my organization’s needs?”  

At this stage, you should take into account aspects such as:  

  • Size and niche of your organization.  
  • How many people will be using the software in the first instance?   
  • Will you scale the adoption of the software to other areas?  
  • Will you need technical assistance for the implementation?  

Once you answer these questions, you will be one step closer to choosing the most cost-effective and efficient tool for your context.   

In the case of and its monday sales CRM, GB Advisors can assist you with advice during the purchase and implementation of the tool to minimize risks in your organization and make you take advantage of the tool from day one.  

For more information, contact us here.

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