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Everybody knows that a sales pipeline allows to visually track the sales area’s performance.  

How can you manage this today? With a sales-focused CRM.    

While you probably already have a sales CRM in place, not just any option can improve:  

  • The overall performance of your sales reps.
  • The overall management of the area through optimized information management.  

Everything through optimized sales pipelines.   

In this sense, we will tell you, in this article, how you can optimize your sales pipeline using monday sales CRM.    

Problems of Not Having The Right Sales CRM   

According to a LinkedIn report, from 2021 to 2022, the use of technology in sales 2022 rose by 70%. This report also states that 58% of modern organizations use CRM tools.    

In this sense, although more than half of modern organizations already use a sales CRM, those that still do not have one (or use the wrong option for their organization) can suffer from several problems, among which we can highlight:    

  • Not having a 360° view of the sales pipeline.    
  • Sales reps spend too much time updating their CRM and not selling.  
  • Poor data management on team performance.    

To avoid this and ensure that your company can sell more and better, here are three ways to optimize your sales pipeline using and its module, monday sales CRM.    

3 Ways to Optimize Sales Pipelines with


Automate Workflows   

Automating workflows in your sales department is another way to optimize performance. With this, you allow your agents to sell more.    

Why do this? By automating tasks and workflows, you are eliminating a portion of the time your agents would spend:  

  • Sending emails.
  • Updating data in the CRM.  
  • Manually searching for specific lead information.  

Did you know that all manual and repetitive tasks of your sales reps account for approximately 3 hours a week? 

With this time available, your sales reps could invest more time researching their assigned leads. As a result, they will be better prepared to close more opportunities.    

In this regard, and its module, monday sales CRM, allow you to set up automated workflows.   

You can create new contacts from a lead with just one click and automatically assign it to an agent. After qualification, it will automatically be added to your contacts and accounts dashboard.     

In addition, you can manage emails and activities without leaving the platform. Besides, you will be able to record every meeting or interaction between team members or with prospects.    

Lean On The Tool’s Detailed Reports

sales CRM graphs

How to improve when you don’t know what to improve?  

Having the ability to visualize CRM data in different ways will allow you to monitor the performance of your entire sales force.    

In this section, monday sales CRM provides you with all the necessary information for a smooth workflow.  

It will give you the possibility of having dashboards with all the KPIs needed to monitor the performance of your sales force in real-time.    

With customizable widgets, you can obtain data such as the total amount of your closed sales opportunities or the commissions per sale.    

Moreover, you can enjoy graphs with data about each stage and its value (in the currency of your choice).  

Customize The Boards to Use    

What are dashboards on Dashboards are places where you find the data you want about the area you manage (in this case, your sales area).  

They will also be a common place to collaborate with your team members.    

In the case of your sales area, your dashboards will be able to show you the information you consider necessary (company, position, email, assigned agent, sales flow stage, etc.).  

You will also be able to manage new contacts and use columns to establish the steps of your sales process, the stage of negotiation in which the prospect is, and the specific product in which he is interested.  

Have an Optimized Sales Pipeline and Get better Sales with monday sales CRM

sales rep

Having the right sales CRM in your sales department can be the difference between stagnation and steady growth.    

Why? Because the CRM you use must be able to combine:  

  • Workflow automation.   
  • High customization capabilities.   
  • Real-time monitoring capability.   

With this, you will have everything you need for your employees to focus more on researching and closing deals and less on manual tasks.    

Want to know how to increase your sales with a CRM that will boost the performance of your sales reps?  

At GB Advisors, we offer you the training, support, and advice you need to choose and deploy software tools like monday sales CRM to help you do that.       

If you want to see how and monday sales CRM can help you sell more. Contact us!  

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