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Process designer

Lack of transparency and  poor organization in workflows can be the worst enemy of business growth. In this context, a process designer can be the answer to increase your team’s productivity and boost your sales.   

In this blog post, we will show you the advantages of this powerful tool and how you can use it to increase your company’s productivity. Let’s begin! 

What is a Process Designer?  

A process designer is an automation tool that allows you to coordinate business tasks and workflows. With this system, agents can get also a visual representation of all your processes and coordinate projects efficiently.   

Some of the main functions of a process designer are: 

  • Manage different processes in a single flowchart.  
  • Identify silos and errors in processes.  
  • Build diagrams to manage different workflows.  
  • Optimize processes and increase your team’s productivity.  

Another great feature is that you can customize it according to your organization’s needs. All this will help you improve the quality of service, and you can save time by automating your processes.   

Two agents discussing a project

What are the benefits of a process designer? 

If there is one thing that characterizes this tool, it is its ability to manage multiple tasks in an automated way. With a process designer, you can save time gathering information, identify repetitive processes and optimize complex workflows.   

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important benefits of using Process Designer: 

Create value through timely interactions  

Customer segmentation is one of the most effective tools if you want to establish close relationships with your customers. This practice, apart from speeding up the classification of users, allows you to create customized business processes for your audience.   

A process designer is the best solution if you want to improve your company’s communication. This tool gives you a unified view of each consumer and helps you design better interactions with each segment.  

 Another advantage of this solution is that it allows you to improve the user experience. Thus, you can increase their loyalty and outstands your business’ image. 

Streamline your Sales Funnel  

The sales process is a complex puzzle, where each piece must be placed correctly to create a successful business offer. As you might expect, each of these pieces is made up of subtasks, which agents must complete in order.  

With a process designer, you can efficiently manage the entire customer journey. This solution allows you to create a condition so that every time a prospect registers, an advisor is automatically assigned to it. You can also program a notification that alerts your entire team every time this process takes place. 

The following image shows how the customer journey can be improved with a process designer:

Diagram of the sales process with Vtiger

Simplify the recruitment process  

Recruiting is a long and complicated task, which consumes much of the HR teams’ time. However, with a process designer you can streamline the entire process.   

Let’s say you want to hire a new employee. With this tool, you can create a file for this project, collect the data and analyze the information of each candidate.  

You can also set up actions to coordinate the next steps in this process. For example, when scheduling the first call with a candidate, it is possible to automate this process by using the schedule event function in the calendar.   

You can also include additional instructions that allow you to automatically pre-select prospects or reject them. This way, you can improve each of your interactions and keep the team informed about the progress of this assignment. 

Avoid silos between your departments  

Today, companies use many applications to manage their tasks. This, in some cases, can slow communication and cause bottlenecks in departments.  

A work team planning a project

With a process designer you can say goodbye to information silos. This tool unifies your company’s data in a single interface and improves collaboration between your teams. As a result, your employees will work in sync and focused on the same goal.   

Likewise, you can use this tool to identify and eliminate non-valuable processes. This way, you can save time performing your daily tasks and create strategies that help you to meet current market requirements.   

Now that you know all the advantages of a process designer… would you like to implement it in your organization? 

If you need to implement a process designer in your business, we recommend you to evaluate the adoption of one of our best CRM software: Vtiger 

With this system you can effectively define and manage multiple workflows from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. In addition, it allows you to configure and manage multiple automation rules. So it is the perfect solution if you want to optimize your business processes.   

For more information abou Vtiger, you can contact our group of especialist at GB Advisors. You will also receive advice, so you can solve all your doubts and make the most of each of our tools.    

Write us and receive a free consultation. 

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