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remote teamFor a couple of months now, remote work and remote teams have become very common thanks to the current Covid-19 pandemic, that changed our lives drastically; but we don’t want to insist on that, instead we want to bring some positive things that are happening right now. 




Yes, our lives changed, the way we work changed, many businesses are struggling to stay afloat but many others are managing this situation just fine. 

They maintain constant communication with their customers, its remote teams are working with even higher productivity levels, and the sales are going up. 

You may wonder what are these businesses doing?

Thanks to technology, our clients and employees are a text or e-mail away. Customers can reach us easily through a live chat or an app on their phones. Cloud storage allows us immediate and remote access to data. 

The physical barrier is not a barrier anymore. In consequence, it’s only natural for remote teams to truly maintain and exceed your expectations. 

Even when they are working outside a traditional office environment, such as their homes, a coworking space, a coffee shop, or even a different country or continent. When they have the right tools there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do their job.   

As a manager or business owner is your job to provide your employees with all the right tools they need to complete their tasks, especially when working remotely. 

Don’t know how to start? Don’t know any tools for that? Keep reading to find some amazing options.

Enable constant communication inside your company

One of the biggest challenges for remote teams is communication. Today, we count on many channels for that. Yet sometimes having so many options can cause problems instead of solutions. 

That’s why you need a single, unified platform where all the communication is settled.

Freshconnect makes communication and information sharing easier. It gives you a better context of all the stages of the project your team ins working on. 

Your customer service agents can start discussions with teammates right from their helpdesk so that anyone who logs on later can get immediate context. 

Trust on a CRM for remote selling 

Did you know that remote selling is the new way of selling? And your company can totally succeed in this.

How? With a CRM.  

A CRM for remote selling will give your remote team context on every deal, prospect, and customer. Keeping all your team members updated on the status of all the deals. 

If your employees are struggling to keep the sales going while working remotely, a CRM is the perfect solution that will help them improve their productivity. 


remote teamFreshsales is the one CRM that will get you complete details about your customers. 

It stores all the conversations, deals, touchpoints with your company, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them. You can even learn how they’ve interacted with your website and your product, and engage in personalized conversations. 



Visualize the status of your deals through an innovative pipeline that you can modify according to your sales process. The Freshsales CRM gives you complete visibility across all stages. 

Let your sales CRM focus on deal management, while your remote team focuses on selling. 

Solve your customers issues faster with remote access 

Resolving customer issues faster has to be one of the most important premises for businesses; but it’s also a big challenge for agents that are dealing with angry customers that want a solution quickly

Do you think there’s a way of helping your remote team to achieve that? 

That’s right, there is! 

When you combine a customer support software with another tool that enables remote sessions between agents and customers, you get the perfect solution. 

Freshdesk is the software that will help your business deliver automated and quick responses. With it, you can streamline all your customer conversations in one place, automate your repetitive work to save time, and collaborate with other teams. 

Knowing the current needs of remote work, Freshdesk decided to integrate with another software for providing the ultimate remote assistance: Teamviewer.

Teamviewer is a leading global software provider for IoT, connectivity, monitoring, and support.

The TeamViewer + Freshdesk integration allows your IT service agents to start a remote session to troubleshoot an end-user or customer problem from within the ticket details page, where the agent has context about the issue. 

With this integration, you will resolve your customers issues faster while you provide your remote team with a great solution for working remotely, no matter where they are. 

Remotely controlling an end-user’s workstation is one of the most fundamental requirements that IT team has. You can now ensure that your customers can take advantage of this easy-to-use remote support platform to seamlessly troubleshoot issues and increase your team productivity. 

remote teamUse a collaboration tool for organizing your team 

A collaboration tool will allow your remote team to work together on different projects or tasks. Regardless of where they are,  the results obtained will be outstanding. 


We work better when we can see what we are working on. And it’s even better when all the team members involved in the project can see what everyone does before, during and after the project is finished. 

Having access to the work in progress in all its stages is great for organization, plus it delivers higher engagement levels between your employees and your company, promoting teamwork and obtaining successful results.   

With a collaboration tool, you can have everything your team needs in just one place: from sharing documents to generating reports, and even gaining time and boosting productivity.

Freshservice is the collaboration tool that allows you to manage all your projects, communicate with your team members, and keep track of all the things happening in your company even if your team is completely remote.   

Improving your remote team productivity is simpler than you think, you only need to trust in the right tools. 

Want more information about any of these products? Contact us. In Gb Advisors we have a professional team that is completely qualified to help you find the perfect solution for your company. 


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