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integromatWe love integrations and we can’t say it enough. That’s why today we are presenting you the Teamwork + Integromat integration.   

 As much as we would like to be able to complete all our work in a single application, doing so is almost impossible. Applications are made to help us with specific needs and roles within companies.


So it’s inevitable to end up relying on many of them. Even when this helps us complete different tasks, managing  at the same time, multiple applications and the data that they hold, can be difficult.  

 Application integration is used to help maintain, manage, and keep all your applications up to date while alleviating data duplication and redundancy.   

  When two apps integrate they communicate with each other, making work processes can be done more efficiently.  

  Integrations between different apps bring us many benefits such as: a better customer service since all data necessary is accessible via a single access point without delay, and this data can also be updated in real-time across all systems, increasing the speed of your business processes while reducing errors.   

One amazing option for companies that need help with project management is Teamwork.  


integromatTeamwork is a work and project management tool that helps in-house and remote teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results.  

It has all the features to deliver projects not only on time but also on budget; and more than 20.000 companies all over the world used it.   



Teamwork is aware of how important integrations are. So they built a suite of products that are designed to work together.   

Introducing the Teamwork + Integromat integration   

 Integromat is the most advanced online automation platform. It will automate processes that you currently handle manually. Plus, it is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data. Integromat works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and does not require your intervention.   

Integromat is a great choice for automating manual processes. It connects your favorite apps, services and devices with each other without having any programming skills. You can let Integromat work for you while helps you save lots of time.   

If something happens, Integromat will be there to take action thanks to its automation builder that connects the apps and services you use into automated scenarios according to your needs, helping you work faster and smarter without any coding.   

The Integromat and Teamwork integration provides you with 30 different types of Triggers, like “Watch events”, Actions “Create ticket”, and Searches “List searches”, to help you automate your customer support processes in different ways. Thanks to this you will be providing an optimized service.   

 You can build your own custom workflows, but there’s are also a number of pre-built integration templates that solve common problems to help you get started even more quickly.  Check some of them:   

  • When you create a new task list in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically create a new board in Trello.  
  • Every time you made a new task in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically send a message in Slack.  
  • If you add a new task to a watched task list in Google Tasks. Integromat will automatically develop a new task in Teamwork.  
  • When you generate a new task in a watched project in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically initiate a new issue in GitLab.  
  • Every time you complete a new task in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically send a push notification via Google Chrome.  
  • If you produce a new task in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically create a new note in an Evernote notebook you specify.  
  • When you add a new file in a watched project in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically upload that file to Google Drive.  
  • Every time a task is completed in a specified Teamwork project. Integromat will automatically move it to another project.  
  • If a new file is added to a watched project in Teamwork. Integromat will automatically send a push notification via Google Chrome.  
  • In specified intervals, Integromat check if there is a new e-mail in Gmail account. If so, a new task in a specified project is created in Teamwork Projects. If the e-mail contains an attachment, it is zipped by CloudConvert and uploaded at the same time as the creation of the task.  
  • Every time a new email with a file attachment appears in a specified mailbox folder. Integromat will automatically upload the attached file to a Teamwork project of your choice.  

Teamwork makes it easy for everyone to see what projects they’re working on, communicate with their team, and plan what comes next wherever they are.  


IntegromatHowever you like to work, whichever project management methodology you prefer, Teamwork helps you to do it better.  

 Want more information about Teamwork or any other tool? Contact us. Our professional team is ready to help you find the right solution for your business needs.  

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