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While working remotely has become the new normal, integration between different apps is a great alternative for keeping business going. With the Freshdesk + Teamviewer integration you will enjoy many benefits. 

Resolving customer issues faster has to be one of the most important premises for businesses. The longer you make your customers wait, the faster they will go with the competition, that’s how it works. 


With the current Covid-19 situation happening globally, it’s natural to find customers needing more help than usual. Rather because they are now working from home and doing this for the first time ever, or just because the present we are living is becoming more stressful every day. 


Customers demand the same level of response and service even with a global pandemic going on, companies are now facing the challenge of having their employees teleworking while wanting to offer the same level of support and attention to customers. 

With both parts (companies and customers) being completely isolated from each other, what would be the best way of resolving customers issues faster? 

In general, customer support software includes ticketing systems for helping businesses deliver automated and quick responses. Therefore, having a customer support software that takes care of our customers at an optimal level seems great, but even the best software needs to team up with other tools to deliver better results. 

That is the case of Freshdesk. With it, you can streamline all your customer conversations in one place, automate your repetitive work while saving time, and collaborate with other teams. Knowing the current needs of remote work, Freshdesk decided to integrate with another software for providing the ultimate remote assistance to all its customers. 

Teamviewer + Freshdesk 

Teamviewer is a leading global software provider for IoT, connectivity, monitoring, support and team collaboration and it’s now fully integrated with Freshdesk.  All that customers need to do is click to install the app and a window will guide them through completion.

By integrating TeamViewer with Freshdesk, your IT service agents can start a remote session to troubleshoot an end-user or customer problem from within the ticket details page, where the agent has context about the issue.

Thanks to this integration you will resolve your customers’ issues faster at the same time you’re providing your employees with a great solution while working remotely no matter where they are. 

Remotely controlling an end-user’s workstation is one of the most fundamental requirements that every IT team has. The Teamviewer + Freshdesk Integration ensures your customers can now fully take advantage of this easy-to-use remote support platform to seamlessly troubleshoot issues and increase your service desk efficiency.


 Teamviewer FreshdeskThanks to the Teamviewer + Freshdesk integration remote work has never been so easy. 





Your agents will now have the ability to immediately access a user’s desktop, laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the world. The empowerment of providing this high-quality support will highlight your company from the rest. 

Providing support while working remotely won’t be a challenge anymore. Not only you’ll be automatically improving your customers experience but also you will increase employee productivity and decrease downtime for business services. 

The benefits of this integration will bring you more than a quick response to your customers. Worried about security issues? Worried about your employees performance? Check this:


  • Guaranteed security: Protect corporate data with a GDPR-compliant, end-to-end encrypted solution. 
  • Internal user hardware/software configuration issues are resolved almost immediately, increasing agent productivity.
  • Document all the sessions automatically logged in TeamViewer management console reports.
  • Reduce incident resolution time by remotely accessing and fixing employee and customer devices on demand. 


Remote work is a reality for all types of companies, no matter their size or industry. Each day thousands of workers connect virtually to do their job. As a result, it is mandatory to have the right tools that help us maintain and even improve the quality of the service we provide to customers. 

Team viewer is that remote connectivity platform that empowers users to connect to anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. Providing secure remote access, support, control and collaboration capabilities for online endpoints of any kind and supports businesses of all sizes to tap into their full digital potential.

Why should you try this integration? 

Fast Remote Support

Resolve technical issues faster by remotely accessing and controlling any employee or customer device.

Real-time Employee Training

 Freshdesk allows you to remotely onboard and show employees how to use corporate applications with real‑time screen sharing.

Cross-Platform & Device Compatibility

Provide secure, instant remote support for Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android devices.

Seamless Plug & Play Integration

Download and connect with Freshdesk instantly. No configuring, coding, or training required.

Cross-Channel Functionality

Start remote support sessions directly from your Freshdesk system.


 Teamviewer FreshdeskOptimize your Freshdesk ticketing system and your whole customer support with remote access and control across devices and platforms. This is the type of service your customers are expecting, what are you waiting for to provide them with it?

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