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When it comes to customer support, companies really need to step up their game. Luckily thanks to technology there are many options to offer great support. Today, customers are aware of this, and they are becoming more and more demanding. emails

By turning your emails into tickets, you will track issues, prioritize them and work with your team to resolve them faster.

Even in our personal inbox email, we tend to have a lot of emails we never ever read. Therebefore, using email for customer support is a bit complicated. Imagine receiving multiple emails from your customers with multiple requests in your regular shared inbox. Seems like chaos, right?

For trying to keep things organized, you require complex folder structures or colour-coded tags to track issues, and as ticket volumes increase, collaboration becomes almost impossible.

Email + Tickets by Freshdesk: The 2 features that will improve your customer service.

Email is one of the most popular ways that customers use to communicate with businesses. When a customer emails you, he’s waiting for a quick and effective response. We know that your employees cannot always answer emails immediately, so by converting your support emails into tickets you will be automating the responses that your customers expect.

Don’t forget that customers want to know what is happening as much as possible. Thanks to the conversion of emails into tickets you can automatically update your users on the progress of their request. Tickets maintain a consistent flow of problem-solving between all parties involved, all in one place. You will not have to make them wait for a long time or if this is the case, you have the option of answering them automatically until an agent can attend to them.

Freshdesk email support converts every support email into a trackable ticket in the helpdesk so you can manage them and execute tasks on. You can also add and manage multiple support emails. Plus, you can set resolution deadlines for every ticket using Service Level Agreement.


emailsWhat will be the best way of managing your customer support requests via email? 

Well integrating email with tickets. We love integration and collaboration, and we talked about them before. As we said at the beginning customers are waiting and wanting to receive the best service ever.


Freshdesk is aware of this, and as a result, they decided to integrate 2 of their features for a major improvement in the support and service you offer to your customers.

  • Convert all incoming emails into tickets. Prioritize, categorize and assign them to the right agents.
  • Not only emails, but every feedback, chat, or call that comes in can be converted into tickets.
  • No more switching between multiple tools.
  • No more missing out on follow-ups and delaying replies.


Freshdesk ticketing system is designed for team collaboration and agent productivity. 

There’s so much to do besides sending replies. Your agents will do more while loving it. They can use keywords to prioritize tickets, securing that your customers receive the right responses in no time.  You will also avoid confusion because every ticket can be assigned to a specific agent.

Your clients can send you all the emails they want without altering the order in your workflow. By converting emails into tickets you will keep each request for help ordered by client and classified by time or importance. You can also keep track of what has been resolved and what still needs to be done.

Thanks to the improved organization, your employees will complete their tasks in less time, reducing the margin of error. All this will allow them to focus on improving the experience your customers receive.

Still not sure about this tool? Check more benefits the email + tickets integration by Freshdesk.


  • Automate your workflows and daily tasks so you can focus on fixing your customers’ problems.
  • Set targets for ticket resolution to make sure your agents send timely responses to every issue that comes in.
  • Collaborate to resolve issues faster. Your employees will get help on issues from their teammates.
  • Stay informed with notifications for important events within the helpdesk.


Freshdesk unifies all your information.

With Freshdesk’s multichannel helpdesk, your agents can reply to emails, answer customer calls and chat with customers all within the helpdesk. You can always access past interactions with any customer on any channel from a unified, single customer database.

Agents can also follow up with customers and keep track of conversations by converting them into helpdesk tickets.

Above all, converting your emails into tickets is simpler than you think. When you create a Freshdesk account, you’re provided with an email address that looks like this:

All you have to do is share this email address with your customers, and ask them to send their questions. Any email sent to this address becomes a ticket in Freshdesk. The customer who sent in the question becomes the requester of the ticket.

Did you know you can try Freshdesk for free? We have a 21 days free plan, sign up here.


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